The Alberta Federation of Women United for Families (AFWUF) held its annual conference November 2 to 3, in Red Deer, Alberta. Approximately 200 registrants attended the conference entitled “In this together.” The conference addressed the issues of pornography, sex education, post-abortion trauma, childcare, women and stress, political strategies, family violence and sexual abuse.

AFWUF was formed in 1981 by seven Alberta women who recognized the need for a pro-life family, pro-life voice in the province. Their members share the belief that the traditional family is the basic unit of society and that government policy should encourage strong families in order to keep a strong nation.

Judy Anderson, President of REAL Women of Canada, described the harmful impact of radical feminist ideologies on women themselves and on the family.

Radical feminists promote the idea that “home is a comfortable concentration camp,” but Mrs. Anderson contended that many women would prefer to remain home to educate and nurture their children, but are forced to earn extra family income out of economic necessity.

From her own experience as a working mother she commented, “Time for myself and time for my husband is at a premium, when really it should be a priority.” From the stress of not being able to follow her family’s rhythms, “I’ve paid an emotional price for my job security.”

Equality of opportunity in education and employment for men and women should be encouraged, but the radical feminists “aren’t talking about equality, they’re talking about supremacy.”

In reference to the economic harm universal day care will have on families, where children are raised at home, the newly-elected president of Canada’s fastest growing women’s group commented, “Women’s rights should be promoted, but not at the expense of human rights, nor harm to the family and society as a whole.”