A group of Niagara Falls women have called upon the Liberal government of David Peterson to live up to its promise to provide equal services in Ontario.

If they wish to remain in the Niagara Falls area, expectant mothers are forced to obtain obstetrical care from doctors who have had a hand in the killing of preborn children, said Mothers for Life at a press conference in late May.  The group is demanding obstetrical care by doctors who, like themselves, believe in the sanctity of life.

“We are by no means demanding special treatment, simply equal access to an essential medical service – obstetrical care by a doctor who does not kill babies,” said Mothers for Life in a May 27 letter to Jack Carter, president and executive director of the Greater Niagara Falls General Hospital.  “We can be comfortable with no other kind of doctor, yet at present we have no choice in the matter and therefore our babies will be delivered somewhere other than the Greater Niagara General Hospital.”