The Manitoba League for Life organized their signature campaign in six weeks. A preliminary advertisement describing the drive resulted in signed coupons and donations arriving in the League’s office at over 1,000 a day. More support came from churches, schools, pro-life groups and organizations.

On March 30, the Winnipeg Free Press published 37,000 names in alphabetical order. The date was planned specifically so the campaign appeared publicly before Morgentaler opened his clinic. More names were gathered than were used, as they were coming in after the deadline and a computer mix-up omitted about 2,000 from the list.

Pat Soenen of Manitoba League for Life says the ad had a tremendous impact. She notes that pro-lifers are not the vocal minority they are assumed to be. From the names printed, it is clear that all ethnic groups and all religious persuasions are represented.

Over 40,000 Manitobans, then, have publicly stated that they believe in the right to life. They believe that the solution to human problems lies in loving and caring, not killing. Manitobans answered Morgentaler – they choose life.