Spare the Rod and Save the Child?

Reports from the province of Sichuan in Southwest China continue to highlight the brutal measures enforced by the Communist Government to maintain population control.

When fifty women became pregnant without Government permission, they, together with their husbands were forced to attend lectures on the evils of defying the state.

When ten of the husbands refused permission for their babies to be aborted, they were stripped of their clothes and caned – one stroke for each day of the pregnancy.  All were beaten into submission.

Another news report from Peking drew attention to the efforts of thirteen families to use a pig farm to hide nineteen forbidden children.

Islamic Law and Abortion

At a symposium held in Jordan and jointly sponsored by the Royal Academy for Islamic        Civilisation Research and the Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue at the Vatican, representatives of the Islamic community reaffirmed their traditional reverence for the preborn child.

A paper released by Dr. Faruk El-Gamerra of the Faculty of Islamic Law stated: “The crucial difference between the Quranic and human outlook towards man is that the Quran honours this human being and states that a breath of God’s Spirit has made a human out of clay and endowed him with qualities which made him different from animals. There is total departure of Islam’s view from that of materialists.”

Addressing abortion, the paper continued, “Islam will never allow any harm to be done to the blameless foetus. God has guaranteed protection and care for the foetus.”

To further stress the need to protect the pre-born child the paper called for postponement of punishment for crimes committed by a pregnant woman until after her child is born.

Pro-life Cheques

Following an earlier article in Vitality, many pro-lifers have started using Pro-life cheques as a means of spreading the pro-life message.

Most have enjoyed maximum cooperation from their bank or credit union. However, some have experienced technical difficulty due to minor differences between the Canadian chequing system and that of the United States where the cheques are printed.

The computerized printing on the bottom of Canadian cheques contains the number of the cheque. This is not necessary and will not process in the U.S. It is necessary to print the number of the cheque in the top tight-hand corner only.

Because it is estimated that at least sixteen people see every cheque written, the use of these cheques is an excellent and subtle form of advertising.

For further information, contact Identity Check Printers, Box 149-D, Park Ridge, IL, 60068-8012, U.S.A.

All in the Family

Margaret Sanger, the high priestess of International Planned Parenthood would have been proud of her grandson, Alexander, who has recently assumed presidency of Planned Parenthood of New York City.

Speaking of his future work, Sanger said, ”With all her success, my grandmother left some unfinished business and I intend to finish it.”

Given many of Margaret’s alarming visions including breeding a race of thoroughbreds and the kindness in killing the disabled, one can only tremble in anticipation.

Message received

Leaders of Campagne Quebec Vie, who have, in their impassioned pleas for respect for life in their province, consistently warned both Federal and Provincial politicians that abortion was destroying the French demography, should derive a small measure of comfort from recent provincial government incentives.

Additional income tax deductions and payments to parents on the birth of a child are, in part, credited with the six percent increase in the birth rate.

Not to be overlooked, however, are the efforts by Quebec pro-lifers to educate its society on the sanctity of human life and the fact that French traditions value the family.

Pro death resourcefulness

The lengths to which the abortion entrepreneurs will go to sell their product never ceases to astonish pro-lifers.

In Kuwait, where abortion is prohibited, concerted efforts are been made to allow for the introduction of abortion, by using the recent Gulf War.

In response to pregnancies as the result of alleged rape of Kuwaiti women by Iraqi soldiers, the Ministry of Health may consider allowing abortion “on a temporary basis.”

It has been well documented that women rarely conceive following rape due to physiological change, which take place under extreme distress. Given the horror which is a part of war, it seems even more unlikely women raped by despised enemy soldiers would become pregnant.

“On a temporary basis” is a song we’ve heard too many times before. It seems we heard it just before World War II when the great purifying process began. We may never know how many died before the temporary measures ceased.

You’re a parent! So what?

An English High Court judge recently ordered an abortion to be performed on a twelve year-old-girl, despite the objections of her mother.

The girl, who was twenty weeks pregnant, was supported in her request for abortion by her boyfriend and grandparents. When her mother opposed it, pro-abortion social workers had the girl made a ward of the Court.

The judgment, which eroded parental rights, came down on May 13, and the abortion was performed one day later.


Nova Scotia, a province already known for its resourcefulness and traditional family values, has recently seen the emergence of a new organization – Positive Options for Women.

P.O.W., which is gaining strength, is made up of women dealing with women’s health issues. Sex education, teenage pregnancy, AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, will be addressed under the organization’s mandate.

Sharply criticizing the response by community leaders to promiscuity amongst teenagers, P.O.W. recommends sex education, not sex stimulation, which is being promoted in schools across Canada by the so-called safe-sex message.

Calling for the promotion of self-esteem and responsibility on the part of students, the organization is encouraging abstinence and is developing a program, which will be offered to schools across Canada. Abstinence is seen as a more honest and effective prevention of pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease.

When pregnancy does occur, abortion is seen by P.O.W. as a non-option – a so-called band-aid measure, which tragically compounds the problem. To this end it is working towards keeping young people in school, allowing them to complete their education and ultimately take their proper place in society.

For further information, contact Ann Marie Tomlins or Dianna Smith, Site 12, Box 37, R.R. #2, Windsor Junction, N.S. B0N 2V0.

French Legion of Honour

The coveted award, French Legion of Honour, which goes back to Napoleon, has traditionally, but not exclusively, gone to war heroes and heroines. It sometimes goes to scientists.

It has always been regarded as a public acknowledgement of those who honoured France and served her, often to the point of laying down their lives.

One can only contemplate the feelings of past recipients such as those who numbered amongst the French Resistance and past presenters such as the late President de Gaulle – those who fought for freedom – upon seeing the head of Roussell-Uclaf, Edouard Sakiz, received the nation’s highest honour with special mention being made of RU-486, whose only proven effect is killing babies.

CLC boycotts Seagate

Humbug! Scrooge is alive and well. Last December, Seagate Technology of Freemont, California ordered its 1,300 employees to work both Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve. Seagate’s excuse was that it had a lot of orders to fill whereas its competitors who were also very busy were closed on the two holidays.

CLC office manager, Steve Jalsevac, would not forget this cruel treatment of the families of Seagate’s workers and the possible establishment of a harmful trend that other companies may follow in the future. This month, a new, large hard drive had to be purchased for the server on the CLC computer network. The consultant recommended a Seagate drive. Steve insisted on another make and after a few days an excellent alternative was found.

You may wish to join us in boycotting Seagate. Don’t forget to write them why you cannot buy their product. Write to Allan Schugart, Chief CEO, Seagate Technologies, 920 Disc Drive, Scott’s Valley, CA, 95006, U.S.A.

Foetal Development Lesson on Wheels

Pro-life activists in the U.S. recently received some help in educating the public on life before birth from an unexpected source.

Volvo, which manufactures an automobile with an outstanding safety record, ran magazine and television advertisements, which showed a moving ultra sound image of a pre-born child of three months. The caption was “Is something inside you telling you to buy a Volvo?”

While pro-lifers were delighted by the ad, the pro-abortionists, who find scientific reality frightening, were quick to orchestrate opposition.

As the head office for Volvo Canada is in the United States, you may care to write to the following address and support Volvo in its choice of ad. Volvo, P.O. Box 914, Industrial Park, Rockleigh, New Jersey, 07647, U.S.A. 

Another Tory statement goes up in smoke


Benoit Bouchard, Minister of Health recently announced that his department had received 700,000 messages printed on cigarette packages, protesting the increase in tobacco tax.  He went on to say that this was the largest mail-out received by his Tory Government. 

Wrong!  In 1984, over a million and a quarter postcards were mailed by the Jury for Life and received by Prime Minister Mulroney.

They were, of course, ignored.  Maybe Mr. Bouchard’s recent statement further reinforces the fact that in the eyes of the Tory cabinet, the preborn who never get a chance to vote, simply don’t count.