June 2021 Excerpts

“Why Twitter Isn’t Manly” Emma Ayers The American Conservative (May 18) But most unfortunately, the masculine revolution has manifested as a collective cry of outrage on social media—resulting in a bunch of chest-beating Twitter threads and Facebook tirades against the downhill slide of culture. Such is the way of the world, I suppose. The greatest war, the war against the mind in [...]

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Argentina legalizes abortion

Paraguayan and Brazilian politicians criticize move By Interim Staff On Dec. 30, the Argentine Senate voted 38-29 to approve abortion-on-demand up to 14 weeks of pregnancy, affirming the law supported by President Alberto Fernández. One senator abstained from the vote. Earlier in the month, the Chamber of Deputies passed the bill 131-117. It was the eighth legislative attempt in the last 35 [...]

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And then there was this – Oct 2020

Canada According to a survey by Leger for the Association for Canadian Studies (conducted Sept. 11-13), 87 per cent of Liberal Party voters and 74 per cent of Conservative voters “support same-sex marriage.” In the United States, 77 per cent of Democrats and 46 per cent of Republicans do. In other words, Conservative voters are more like Democrats than they are Republicans, [...]

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New poll suggests hard work ahead for pro-lifers

A DART & Maru/Blue Voice Canada Poll released February 1, 2020 reveals the ignorance of the Canadian populace on the abortion issue. 1,515 randomly selected members of Maru/Blue’s Voice Canada Online panel were surveyed from December 5 to 8 in 2019 and the results were weighted by education, age, gender, and region to match the Canadian population, though PEI and the territories [...]

Don’t be these people this election

Talk Turkey Josie Luetke I had a hard time deciding what to write this column on because I’m not sure who bothers me more this election: “Pro-lifers” planning to vote Liberal/NDP/Green or pro-lifers insisting it’s “Conservative or bust.” I decided to write about both, in a “fun” exercise of considering which mindset is more infuriating. Let us look at Exhibit [...]

And then there was this …

Canada On May 9, the Canadian Pediatric Society (CPS) issued a paper calling for “Universal access to no-cost contraception for youth in Canada.” Claiming “access to contraception” is a “basic human right,” the CPS pointed to estimates that there are nearly 60,000 unintended pregnancies among women 25 and under in Canada and claimed that preventing those pregnancies would save money even after [...]

And then there was this …

Canada Conservative MP David Anderson (Cypress Hills-Grassland) introduced a bill that would make it a crime to intimidate health care workers to force them to directly or indirectly take part in euthanasia. The Protection of Freedom of Conscience Act, or Bill C-418, is expected to be debated in Parliament May 29, and Campaign Life Coalition is asking Canadians to get behind the [...]

And then there was this …

Canada LifeSiteNews has launched a petition to mark 2019 World Down Syndrome Day, to request that the United Nations help stop the abortion of Down syndrome babies. LifeSiteNews notes that 92 per cent of Down syndrome babies are aborted in the U.S., 98 per cent are aborted in Denmark and almost 100 per cent are aborted in Iceland. The comparable number in [...]

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And then there was this …

Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is at it again. He is giving $30 million Canadian tax dollars over the next five years to developing countries to push his homosexual and gender identity agenda. Global Affairs Canada, through Minister of International Development Marie-Claude Bibeau, said Canada “is committed to advocating for the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, two-spirited (LGBTQ2) and [...]

And then there was this …

Canada By a 1996 agreement, St. Martha’s Catholic Hospital in Antigonish, N.S., was taken over by the Eastern Regional Health Board, but continued to be staffed by the Sisters of St. Martha. The sisters, the board, and the N.S. Health Department signed an agreement to ensure the hospital’s Catholic identity and values would be preserved. The agreement expressly forbids “assisting” suicide and [...]

And then there was this …

Canada The BBC World News reported that, “Canada has become a hot destination for parents-to-be looking for ‘altruistic surrogates’ – women who give birth to babies they are not genetically related to.” Canadian legislation makes it easy for “intended” parents to obtain legal parenthood of a surrogate baby. Canadian fertility consulting agencies match up couples (usually infertile couples, same-sex male couples and [...]

And then there was this …

Canada Canadian International Development Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau told a family planning conference in Kigali, Rwanda, that developing countries, especially in Africa, must do more to offer “family planning services” including contraception and abortion, in order to combat poverty. The Trudeau government maintains that breaking down “barriers” are necessary for “women and girls to develop their full potential.” She complained that while some countries’ [...]

And then there was this …

Canada Canada’s Supreme Court authorised the practice of euthanasia, or medical-assistance-in-dying, in 2016 with the following exceptions forbidden by law: euthanasia for “mature minors,” i.e. those under the age of 18; psychiatric patients; and those whose illness falls beyond the ability of capacity to make an informed decision (for example, those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease). The Trudeau government tasked the Council of [...]

And then there was this …

Canada Doug Ford, Ontario’s new Progressive Conservative Premier has announced that the province’s colleges and universities have until January 2019 to have in place a free-speech policy or face funding cuts. “Colleges and universities should be places where students exchange different ideas and opinions in open and respectful debate,” he stated. The Canadian Federation of Students slammed the move as “an unprecedented [...]

And then there was this …

Canada The Canadian Paediatric Society is recommending that teen girls use intra-uterine devices (IUDs) as their first choice of artificial birth control. In an article in the May 31 National Post, the Society waxed eloquent on the positive aspects of IUDs, while playing down any negative effects. But what truly stands out is the inability or unwillingness of the Society to urge [...]

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