On Nov. 24 The Brunswickan, a newspaper at the University of New Brunswick (Fredericton), reported that the Student Union (UNBSU) had concerns about accrediting a Fredericton campus UNB Students for Life Club (one had been operating at the Saint John’s campus), and on Dec. 5 the UNBSU requested more information about the club’s activities including the centers the club would be referring pregnant women to in cases of crisis pregnancies or post-abortion counseling. The National Campus Life Network said in a press release: “the pro-life nature of the club has some councilors concerned.” But not all; Jordan Thompson, the president of UNBSU, stated that, “the Student Union is not the moral police. As long as the clubs and societies are functioning with certain conduct, it is not our prerogative to judge them on our certain beliefs.” The Students for Life Club hopes to have the issue resolved at the Student Union meeting in January. … The Toronto Sun reported that in August the Canada Border Services Agency instructed officers that “transsexual” and “intersexed” individuals may choose to have a strip search conducted by a man, woman, or both. In the “split search”, one set of officers will search one half of the body, while the opposite sex will search the other half … An Abacus Data poll found that 76 per cent of Canadians would rather wish each other “Merry Christmas” than “Happy Holidays or “Seasons Greetings.” While 92 per cent celebrate Christmas with the family, 52 per cent view it as a secular holiday … Ontario Progressive Conservative MPP Randy Hillier (Lanark-Frontenac-Lennox and Addington) invited constituents to protest the Tri-Board Student Transportation Services by decorating a Christmas tree. The service has a policy against drivers decorating their buses with Christmas ornaments, eventuall y claiming it was a safety issue after offering several other explanations for the policy. Hillier said, “It’s time to end this attack on and erosion of our traditions.”

United States

The daughter of Karnamaya Mongar, the 41-year-old refugee who died of a drug overdose at Kermit Gosnell’s ‘House of Horrors’ abortion facility in Philadelphia, is suing the city for turning a blind eye to the abortuary’s known record of abuses .. Daschica Thomas and her husband from Mississippi won a lawsuit they filed against abortionist Joseph Booker in 2005 over a botched abortion. Thomas, who went into a coma after the procedure, claimed she is now infertile and her husband lost his job because he had to care for her … Two Texas abortion facilities and the Stericycle disposal company were fined over $83,000 for illegally dumping aborted baby remains into open dumpsters and a municipal landfill. “Time and again we have seen that abortionists have the attitude that they are above the law,” said Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue, which brought attention to the abuses. “Abortion clinics need to be inspected and violations strictly enforced for the sake of the public’s welfare.” … Natalie Johnson, 27, was fired from a Macy’s department store for telling a cross-dressing man that he could not use the women’s fitting room. The Liberty Counsel decided to help Johnson get her job back and change Macy’s LGBT policy, which lets ‘transgendered’ people use any fitting room they want … A Pew Research Center report states that 51 per cent of U.S. adults in 2010 were married, with the rate declining by 21 per cent since 1960. Even though 95 per cent of Americans under 30 planned to get married, only 9 per cent of 18 to 24 year olds and 44 per cent of 25 to 34 year olds did so by 2010 … In 2002, Human Rights Campaign, a gay-rights group, gave 13 of 319 business in the U.S. a perfect score on its Corporate Equality Index, but in 2011, 190 of 636 companies had a 100 per cent rating … Steve Scheffler, head of the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition and prominent social conservative in the state with the first presidential caucus in January, announced “we’re not going to endorse a candidate.” He said most of the candidates were “very similar on the issues” and that he was not going to generate division within the Republican Party.


Israel Today reported that since the Jewish state was founded in 1948, more than 1.5 million babies have been aborted, “more than the number of Jewish children killed in the Holocaust” … The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights is calling for the right to “safe abortion,” the right to the procedure if legally entitled to it, as well as a codified syllabus on abortion procedures for the country’s medical schools. This came as a result of the revised 2010 Kenyan Constitution, which allows abortion in cases of “emergency treatment” or if the “health of the mother is in danger” … A study compiled by actuary Patrick Carroll of the Pensions and Population Research Institute found that the abortion ban in Ireland is beneficial to women. He correlated the low abortion rate with low rates of breast cancer, mental illness, and immune diseases.