Dr. Joseph Roncaiolo, a Newmarket, Ont. gynecologist, says he did not phone 911 when he discovered his wife dead at their home because he wasn’t sure she had stopped breathing and didn’t want her to survive “as a vegetable.” He said he did likewise when his pet was sick: “I did the same thing when my dog died – I didn’t call the vet.” He is accused of killing his wife Ibi in 2003 with a lethal cocktail of anesthetics … The British Columbia Civil Liberties Association has filed an appeal on behalf of Robert Latimer, saying the parole board improperly rejected the convicted child killer’s parole appeal. Lawyer John Dixon complained that the board acted “purely and solely to denounce his crime” … TheToronto Star reported that eight years after mifepristone, an important ingredient in the abortion drug RU-486, was approved in the United States and nearly two decades after it hit pharmacies in Europe, it is still unavailable in Canada. Abortionist Ellen Wiebe says, “No drug company has ever applied” to sell it here. She blamed fear of a major protest and boycott by pro-life activists … Ontario Health Minister George Smitherman, an admitted homosexual, attacked new rules announced by Ottawa last summer that restrict organ donations from sexually active homosexuals, even though gays were only one of numerous at-risk groups restricted from donating their organs. The National Post wondered “who he really represents as health minister of Ontario” and added that “letting identity politics imperil the health of the public is really not what one expects from a health minister” …Maclean’s reported that Bloc MP Nicole Demers boasted of having undergone four abortions after giving birth to her second son, who had hemophilia, in order to avoid passing the disease on to other children.

United States

The pro-abortion former mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani, and the converted pro-life former governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney, both dropped out of the Republican presidential primaries. Senator John McCain (Ariz.), former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee and Rep. Ron Paul (Texas), all pro-lifers, are now vying for the nomination, with McCain the presumptive winner … James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, endorsed Huckabee, saying: “His unwavering positions on the social issues, notably the institution of marriage, the importance of faith and the sanctity of human life, resonate deeply with me and with many others” … Exit polls showed McCain lost the pro-life vote to either Huckabee or Romney in every one of the 20 Super Tuesday contests … The New York state appeals court has ruled that same-sex “marriages” validly performed in other jurisdictions can be recognized in New York. The case stems from the “marriage” ofPatricia Martinez and Lisa Ann Golden, a lesbian couple from upstate New York who were “married” in Canada in 2004; Golden was denied spousal benefits from Martinez’s place of employment, but in a 5-0 decision the appeals court ruled that the college’s definition of “spouse” was discriminatory. Despite the decision, New York state still bans same-sex “marriage” … The Journal of Clinical Oncology has found the human papilloma virus (HPV) that leads to cervical cancer in women is causing anal and oral cancer in men.Merck & Co, the maker of an anti-HPV vaccine, is lobbying to have the vaccination extended to young men, as well as girls. The American Cancer Society says there is no data to support the idea that the vaccine will prevent cancer in males.


According to Internet Filter Review, global pornography revenues, including magazines, in-room hotel movies and internet porn, topped $97 billion in 2006 – more than the top eight technology firms (including Microsoft, Apple, Google and eBay) combined. IFR also estimates that more than 28,000 internet users view pornography every second … The Swedish Parliament voted 134-124 with 91 abstentions to authorize abortions for women from countries where abortion is illegal … Since providing the morning-after pill to teens, the number of Welsh girls 15-17 years old having abortions has risen from 894 in 2005 to 1,004 in 2006 … The International Right to Life Federation reports that in a study of 61 countries, Bulgaria’s abortion rate is twice the national average … According to newRussian Health Ministry regulations, women seeking abortions must sign an agreement that details the possibility of “grave complications” and lists potential medical hazards. The doctor who commits the abortion must also sign the document … The IRFL notes that theLos Angeles Times’ inflated reports of one million illegal abortions being committed annually in Mexico are belied by the fact that in the first six months since legalization, “only 3,400 women have been aborted” … Sister Wilhelmien Charles, a South African nurse, is taking her conscience case to refuse to participate in abortions to the country’s top court … The Daily Telegraph reports that just one per cent of Britons told the Office of National Statistics they were gay or lesbian and a similar percentage said they were bi-sexual. The paper noted that “homosexual campaigners have claimed previously that as many as one in 10 of the population is gay.” Homosexual activists suggested some gays may have been “shy” about revealing their sexual preference to strangers.