Seventh Toronto Rescue

Toronto – For the seventh time in ten months, on June 28, pro-life rescuers effectively shut down a Toronto abortuary – this time Robert Scott’s Gerrard St. “clinic.” Early morning picketing preceded the actual rescue. After some 20 pro-abortion demonstrators had left, the Rescue took place at 12:30 p.m., with 180 rescuers and supporters taking part. Over a period of four hours, 114 men and women were arrested; they were given cokes and hamburgers for supper. Police released the last of the rescuers at 8:00p.m., including at least three Catholic Priests – Fathers Bill Comerford, Arnold Loebach and Stephen Somerville – and two Evangelical Pastors – Ken Campbell and Steve Hill. Some 21 of the participants travelled from St. Joseph’s Church on Manitoulin Island.

Pro-abortionists returned to scream and yell while rescuers continued praying and hymn singing. The Toronto Star and Sun attributed the verbal violence to the pro-lifers while the Globe never reported the rescue at all.

From Supreme Court to States

Washington – On Monday, July 3, 1989, the U.S. Supreme Court returned the abortion powers to the Constitution to the state legislatures. In 1973 it had ruled that abortions were legal under a so-called Constitutional provision of right to privacy. While not directly commenting on this ruling, in 1989 it decided that state legislatures can restrict or abolish legal abortions.

Christian theology, based on reason and Natural law, holds that neither a constitution nor a legislature can give women the “right” to kill their unborn children. Such a “right” does not exist, for baby killing altogether contradicts the law of God.