Pro-life campaign in Scotland
Pro-life March in Nicaragua
Kenya VP backs sanctity of life
Vatican corrects UNFPA
Abortionist to be hanged
Vatican clarifies UN claim
Infanticide said to be rampant in Senegal
Two arrested in illegal abortions in Spain
Abortion seekers to view photos
Dead babies’ hearts kept

Pro-life campaign in Scotland

GLASGOW – A new Scottish pro-life group says it will use stronger tactics in its bid to end the abortion scourge. Precious Life Scotland will aim to peacefully picket abortuaries and single out medical personnel who perform abortions. According to founder Jim Dowson, he is prepared to engage in non-violent civil disobedience, break the law and go to jail if necessary to end the “trade in human misery.”

“For too many years now, we have sat around in church groups and coffee mornings, selling crochet cushions and tut tut tutting when the question of abortion comes up. I am afraid those days are gone …We are absolutely not advocating violence in any shape or form.”

The group hopes to mimic the success of Precious Life in Northern Ireland, which recently claimed victory as the pro-abortion Ulster Pregnancy Advisory Association closed its doors – the seventh such “clinic” to be shut in Ireland in the last few years.

Pro-life march in Nicaragua

MANAGUA – The Catholic Church diocese of Granada in Nicaragua, in co-operation with the Episcopal Committee for Catholic Woman Pastoral, organized a massive march against abortion on Sept. 25. The march began at the entrance to the city and concluded in the city’s cathedral with a worship service. A letter was also presented to the secretary of the Nicaraguan presidency, William Montealegre, outlining the population’s will to defend human life.

The episcopal delegate for the women’s committee pointed out the importance of making “our society feel that there is a feminine voice, there is a woman’s voice requesting respect for her own dignity and her own nature as a daughter of God … We want to say ‘yes’ to life.”

Kenyan VP backs sanctity of life

NAIROBI – Kenyan Vice-President George Saitoti says abortion runs against the sanctity and dignity of human life and should never be legalized. He added abortions should be adopted only as a last resort in situations where the continuation of the preborn child’s life endangers that of his or her mother.

Saitoti, who also serves as Kenya’s minister for planning and national development, made the comments at a Catholic church service that ordained a priest. His remarks countered those of Kenyan MP Beth Mugo, who earlier said that abortion should be partially legalized in order to safeguuard the “reproductive health” of mothers. She also supported the views of the Kenyan secretary for health, Julius Meme, who said abortion should be debated because the laws against it are out of date.

However, the Kenyan Catholic Church says it does not support abortion and would never compromise on the issue. “No way. Abortion amounts to killing. We’ll never support it,” said Archbishop Nicodemus Kirima.

Abortionist to be hanged

GABORONE, Botswana – A high court has condemned abortionist Marina Masono to hang after it found the woman committed a gruesome murder of a newborn baby following her failed December 1997 attempt to induce an abortion.

It was alleged that Masono was paid to administer a brew of medicines that would ensure Boitshoko Kgorobane’s baby would not be born alive. Court was told Masono induced labour, then suffocated the baby and dumped the child into a pit latrine.

“You chose to terminate the baby’s life, clearly in order to keep the fee, and perhaps to vindicate the efficacy of your service,” said Chief Justice Julian Nganunu. “In my view, the killing was the extension of the wicked plan in the first place … I must therefore sentence you to death by hanging by the neck till you die.”

Vatican clarifies UN claim

Dr. Joaquin Navarro-Valls, director of the Holy See press office, has refuted claims made by Nafis Sadik, the head of the United Nations Population Fund, that the Vatican has abandoned its opposition to “family planning” Navarro-Valls said: “I wish to make it clear that the Holy See has not, in fact, changed its well-known position.” He noted that pro-life principles against abortion, artificial contraception and irresponsible sexuality are “constantly affirmed by the Holy See delegations (to the UN) in the diverse international meetings.”

“The Holy See can never excuse abortion and policies in favor of abortion, which it considers to be a crime,” he said. Navarro-Valls also struck at the heart of the UNFPA’s current agenda to promote “emergency contraception” saying, “The Holy See has opposed introduction of the promotion of so-called ‘emergency contraception’, because it considers such material an abortifacient.”

Infanticide said to be rampant

DAKAR, Senegal – Infanticide is reported to be a social scourge in the African country of Senegal, with scarcely a month passing without several women appearing before courts charged with the crime. In a one-month period this past summer, 17 such cases were discovered in the capital alone.

On woman was recently sentenced to five years of hard labour for her part in the act. She killed her newly born baby during the night of April 21, 1997, and dumped the child into a septic tank. Most babies’ bodies are discovered dumped in gutters or rubbish dumps after being wrapped in nappies or plastic bags.

Women giving birth to and killing the babies are often married, and take advantage of their husbands’ absences to have sexual relations with other men. One social worker said it is important to create a climate of confidence for pregnant women by accompanying them until they deliver and offering free medical care.”

Two arrested in illegal abortions

MADRID – In a scenario described as “something out of a horror film,” two Chinese men have been arrested for carrying out hundreds of abortions on Chinese immigrants to Spain who were working as prostitutes. Police seized bottles of medicine, instruments and medical notes on about 1,000 women who went to the men’s two makeshift abortuaries.

Police were alerted to the scandal by a Chinese woman who went to the men for an abortion. She had been working as a prostitute to pay off the $12,780 fee for being smuggled into Spain from China, and was described as a victim of the Chinese mafia.

Police are struggling to obtain more evidence, since the women who went for abortions are reluctant to come forward. Pregnant Chinese women smuggled into Spain obtain abortions out of fears about their illegal status, language barriers and suspicions about Western medical practices.

Abortion seekers to view photos

SYDNEY – Women seeking abortions in the Australian Central Territory will be shown a booklet containing photographs of developing preborn babies under a new law passed recently. About 2,000 women have abortions in the territory each year, although abortion is illegal except in cases where pregnancy will affect a woman’s health.

A spokeswoman for Attorney-General Gary Humphries said women should have access to information. Under the law, doctors and patients have to sign a certificate confirming that a brochure on abortion has been read.

Pro-abortionists and some elements of the medical community predictably assailed the new legislation as interfering in doctors’ work and stopping women who want to have abortions.

Dead babies’ hearts kept

LONDON – A British medical expert says that to return all the hearts of dead babies stored in Britain would set back cardiac research by 25 years – even though many of the infants’ parents didn’t know the hearts were being harvested and warehoused.