New York. Contrary to the wishes of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade organizers, New York major David Dinkins allowed a contingent of militant homosexuals to march in the March 17 parade. His honor was showered with epithets, jeers, and boos.


Dinkins is pro-abortion and pro-homosexual; he had the ‘Gay Men’s Chorus’ sing at his own inauguration ceremonies as New York’s first black mayor.


Under his guidance New York City passed legislation prohibiting city employers and private businesses from exercising freedom of choice in deciding whether to employ avowed homosexuals and lesbians.


Source: Health watch Report, March ’91.


Minneapolis. The Minneapolis Human Rights Commission (HRC) has ordered the local RC archdiocese to pay $20,000 in legal fees and punitive damages to the Catholic pro-homosexual group, Dignity. The group was not allowed to meet on church property after its members refused to sign a statement adhering to Catholic teaching opposing homosexual conduct as immoral.


The Archdiocese will appeal the ruling including the HRC’s additional order to pay it another $15,000 in order to serve as a warning to other religious groups.


Washington, DC. In March of 1991 the U.S. Supreme Court let stand the discharge of a naval reservist because he was infected with AIDS. It declared that the reservist’s dismissal was not contrary to the Federal Rehabilitation Act or the due process clause of the Fifth Amendment.




Managua: Minister of Education Humberto Belli is replacing the 1989 Sandinista Planned Parenthood sex education text books.


New books teach chastity, abstinence before marriage, monogamous marriages and the Ten Commandments.


The publisher of the Sandinista daily newspaper Barricada, who is a long time supporter of free abortions, was enraged. Using terminology also used by Pro-Sandinista Canadians, he scoffingly referred to Catholics who act according to the demands of the Christian faith as “fundamentalists.”


“They have put a group of fundamentalist Christians in charge of the education ministry. These people will do a lot of harm to the country.”


Source: Toronto Star.