In a close vote, the Yorkton-Melville NDP Riding association, at its annual general meeting, carried a resolution calling for cessation of abortion funding. 

What is interesting here is the fact that the local MP, Lorne Nystrom, once touted as a possible successor to Ed Broadbent, failed in his attempt to have the resolution defeated. 

The NDP’s pro-abortion tradition has, in the past, kept pro-life resolutions off the floor at national conventions.  The recent one in Halifax was no exception. 

The challenge faced by Vitality in its attempts to trace the resolution in its journey from Yorkton-Melville Riding to the Resolutions Committee, was almost as great as that faced by those party members who first presented the resolution.

Every enquiry made locally produced the same response, “We don’t know.”

Attempts by a long-time party activist and past Federal NDP candidate in Ontario, to ascertain whether or not the resolution as on the agenda at the National Convention, were equally unsuccessful.  He did state, “You can almost take it for granted that it never made it beyond the Resolutions Committee to the floor.”

However, perseverance saved the day and we finally learned from Party Headquarters in Ottawa that the resolution was not accepted because it arrived one day late.  It seems that the more things change, the more they stay the same. 

At the same time,. The Saskatchewan Health Minister George MacLeod refused permission for the establishment of abortuaries in that province.  While Henry Morgentaler  called upon Saskatchewan residents to fight the decision “tooth and nail,” CLC Saskatchewan activists, who mounted an exhaustive campaign to prevent the establishment of an abortion franchise in Saskatchewan, were happy with the results of their efforts.