At its Annual General Meeting and Policy Convention, held June 14-16 in Hamilton, the Ontario wing of the Federal Liberal Party, using a two-part vote, gave high priority to two pro-life resolutions – one on abortion and one on euthanasia. 

Delegates from 99 Federal Ridings in Ontario were eligible to vote on the 120 policy statements submitted to the Policy Forum. 

The resolution on abortion which was voted number four in priority stated:

“The Liberal Party of Canada recommends adopting of the following – recognition that human life begins at the moment of conception; those seeking abortion should be fully informed as to:  the actual stage of development of the foetus;  available alternatives;  possible complications;  the cost of an abortion be the responsibility of the individual and not the health care system.” 

The resolution dealing with euthanasia was voted fifth and stated:

“The Liberal Party of Canada opposes euthanasia by direct action or by passive neglect.” 

A pro-abortion resolution which was tied to a call for support for women seeking alternatives to abortion was voted twelfth in priority.

It is not automatic that these resolutions go to the National Policy Convention to be held in 1992. 

The first part of the vote merely decides priority.  The second part demands that each resolution be voted on clause by clause.  The outcome may not be known for some time. 

To date the only provinces which have held policy conventions are Quebec, Ontario and Alberta.  Pro-life activists in the Liberal party should be working in their provinces to ensure that at least one province will be successful in having a pro-life resolution on the agenda when  the National Policy Convention is held in February 1992. 

Elections for executive positions saw pro-life activist Dan McCash take one-third of the vote for the position of secretary.  Although this was not enough to secure the position, his impressive vote was seen as a small victory by pro-life Liberals.