The deputy minister of health in Alberta has admitted that both the federal and provincial public health agencies are aware some vaccines in use in Canada were produced with the use of cell lines from aborted babies. Furthermore, the Alberta government is set to provide alternative vaccines that are not tainted by abortion.

The admission comes in a letter to Canadian Physicians for Life, which wrote the government in November demanding an alternative to vaccines tainted by abortion. Alberta Health and Wellness Deputy Minister Paddy Meade, in a Dec. 22 letter to CPL president Dr. Will Johnston, wrote: “PHAC (the Public Health Agency of Canada) and Alberta Health and Wellness (AHW) are aware that some vaccines are made from human cell-line cultures which were derived from embryonic tissue from three medically indicated abortions conducted decades ago (in the 1960s).”

The letter from Alberta Health and Wellness also stated the Alberta government will make Pediacel available in publicly funded immunization programs after March 2007.

Until this announcement, the only combined infant vaccine (diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio and Haemophilus B) available to Canadian parents was Pentacel, which is partly derived from a cell line created from aborted fetal tissue. Pediacel, which innoculates against the same diseases, is not derived from fetal tissue.

In November, Canadian Physicians for Life sent a letter to each provincial health minister and the federal health minister requesting that a choice between Pentacel and Pediacel be provided to parents who are morally troubled by the origins of the Pentacel vaccine.

Canadian Physicians for Life is applauding Alberta’s decision to provide an alternative to the ethically controversial Pentacel vaccine and is requesting other provinces follow Alberta’s lead in providing a choice to Canadian parents.