British Columbia NDP leader Gordon Campbell, er, sorry, I mean Liberal Leader Gordon Campbell, has declared that he and his party are anti-choice on abortion. The would-be-leader of the People’s Republic of British Columbia has declared in a number of news columns that it’s pro-choice or no choice when it comes to that issue. In other words, the pro-choice leader offers no choice to his caucus on abortion, declaring that they must be anti-choice when it comes to abortion votes, and vote pro-choice.

The backroom boys and girls who govern us, benevolently you understand, must still be terrified when it comes to abortion, not wanting a repeat of the Zalm years when the A-word was known to make or break a politician.

Cowards. Every one of them. So afraid of abortion that they dare not even utter its name. So afraid that they have to abort any and all opposition to abortion.

Gordon Campbell is a coward. Any politician so fearful of his hold on power that he dictates to his caucus that no free vote on abortion will be tolerated, must know something is in the wind.

My musings on Comrade Campbell might be wrong. Perhaps if he were to agree to a public debate on abortion, and why he supports it, and why he feels his fellow comrades must not be allowed to have free votes on it, I would be willing to retract these words. But, like the Joyce Arthurs of the world, he won’t debate what he is afraid to debate. The stance of the ever-brave pro-choice movement, terrified to offer actual choice to the peasants in Canada.

The stench of Soviet-style politics grows ever stronger. Lucky us. In British Columbia, when the election actually occurs, we will replace one tyrannical government for another. For those thinking of voting Liberal in B.C., remember, there is no difference on moral issues between the NDP and the Liberals. Comrade Campbell has spoken! It’s no choice but pro-choice! The NDP were just Liberals in a hurry!

Abortion statistics

In other news, B.C. Children’s and Women’s Health Centre is now able to keep the lid on how many abortions they perform in a year. In a recent decision of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of B.C., the hospital does not have to ever release to the public its annual number of abortions. The hospital boasted at the beginning that they would be performing over 2,000 abortions annually. Spokesperson Dr. Penny Ballem also boasted about her “abortion agenda,” and we must not forget Barbara Hestrin writing her wonderful letter raising money for Planned Parenthood, while attacking her competition, Canada’s crisis pregnancy centers. Hestrin runs the “CARE” abortion mill situated with the Children’s and Women’s Health Centre.

And if you think it’s strange for a facility that goes by the name “Children’s” to be committing abortions, remember that the next time anyone fundraises for the hospital. They only mean to cure some children.