As the Progressive Conservative’s Leadership convention came to a close in June, the Party emerged with a new leader, the social liberal, Peter MacKay. In my analysis of the leadership race, I neglected to commend Craig Chandler, as a pro-life, pro-family social conservative worthy of support.

In stating that many pro-lifers “regretted the lack of social conservative ideas among the leadership candidates”, I wrongly overlooked Chandler; I regret this unfortunate oversight.

Rick Hurley, national chairman of the Con-cerned Christian Coalition, in his letter endorsing Chandler, lamented that the Liberal’s legacy included “abortion on demand”, adding that “without a united conservative movement … things will get far worse”. He praised Chandler as “the only pro-life and pro-family leadership candidate”. In comments made in an interview with The Interim, Chandler stated clearly that he was pro-life and that he actively support de-funding abortion

Chandler, who is more conservative than progressive, also advocates the elimination of Human Rights Commissions and Tribunals, both of which, as Professor Ian Hunter has noted, have menaced and curtailed religious freedom in Canada. Another commendable policy of Chandler’s, is his proposed tax break to married couples, which would remove an substantial economic disincentive, so that those wishing to start a family can do so.