The outspokenly pro-life John Nunziata, a former Liberal and independent MP, is running for mayor of Toronto.

Nunziata is joined by former mayor Barbara Hall, city councillor David Miller, former city councillor Tom Jakobek and former Rogers Cable CEO and Brian Mulroney chief of staff John Tory, in seeking the mayor’s job of Canada’s largest city. Each of the four other candidates supports abortion and the gay agenda.

Hall, Jakobek, Miller and Tory all took part in the Gay Pride Parade in June and all advertised in the homosexual press (either Xtra! or fab) pandering to the homosexual community. Nunziata did not do either.

Campaign Life Coalition national president Jim Hughes praised Nunziata’s decision not to pander to gay activists. He was the only one, Hughes lamented in an interview with The Interim.

Hughes said that pro-lifers must be concerned with municipal-level politics. Many see the municipal theatre as the first step to provincial or federal politics, he said, adding that Nunziata’s example will help other pro-lifers get a foot-hold in this level of politics or encourage pro-lifers to be more outspoken at the city level.

Furthermore, municipal governments have boards of health, whose nurses work in the community and schools. The teaching of radical sexual education programs in schools and the distribution of birth control may be curbed or prevented with strong leadership from the mayor’s office.

In recent years, in the absence of strong pro-life voices at the city level and through the influence of a cadre of left-wing radicals on the city council and municipal bureaucracy, the city of Toronto has thrown its weight behind programs that promote the morning-after pill.

Hughes said, “Nunziata is the only pro-lifer running for mayor of Toronto. He has proven himself over the years. He has the track record. Pro-lifers should support him.”

Nunziata should be the clear favourite of pro-lifers, especially compared to the front-runner Hall. Hall not only supports abortion but was a guest at Henry Morgentaler’s birthday celebration several years ago.