Would you vote for a person who believes that the answer to Canada’s economic problems is to kill people?  Of course not, you say, such a position is totally unacceptable.  And yet, you will be doing precisely this, unless you look at where your candidates stand on abortion and euthanasia, and then vote pro-life on October 25.

Well, the life issues are important, you protest, but 11 per cent unemployment and a huge deficit affect me more.  Economic issues affect us all and, cruelly enough, no one is more intimately affected than the pre-born child, and the terminally ill person denied compassionate palliative care because the government is too callous to allocate funds (our money) to caring for the vulnerable.

None of the three mainline parties, or their leaders, operate from a pro-life perspective.  Perhaps the biggest threat facing the Conservatives, the Liberals and the New Democrats is the growing distaste for mainstream politics, and the strong grassroots support for the Reform Party and its policies.  Even that bastion of establishment thinking, the Toronto Globe and Mail, is acknowledging that Reform’s fiscal policy is the most substantial we have yet been offered.

Yet, Reform refuses to take a principled stand on abortion and euthanasia.  It would force its elected members to vote against their consciences if a consensus within the constituency held opposing views.  In other words, the fates of the preborn and the vulnerable would be held hostage to an opinion poll.

Campaign Life Coalition has identified the pro-life candidates running in this election.  A majority of ridings offer at least one pro-life candidate.  These numbers show that we have a real chance to elect a pro-life parliament.  Read Sue Hierlihy’s guest column on page 13 of this issue and see just how effective the individual pro-life MP can be.  Campaign Life Coalition is urging all pro-lifers in this election to forsake old party loyalties, and forego new party enthusiasm, and place trust I the individual pro-life candidate.  This will make the difference.

Change begins with your vote.  Will you be able to look into the mirror on October 26 and know that you did your part to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves?