It is easy to forget amidst the extensive coverage of the federal party leaders, that on Election Day we do not in fact vote for prime minister. We mark our ballots for members of Parliament. As the jaded observations has it, MPs have become Ottawa’s representatives to their constituents rather than their constituents’ representatives in Ottawa. Increasingly, MPs participate in their own diminishment by choosing to toe the party line.

One issue that distinguishes many MPs and candidates is abortion. The NDP and Liberals have no pro-life candidates in this election, by diktat of their party leaders. Conservative leader Stephen Harper seems to have a grudging tolerance for pro-lifers in his party and his caucus, but they do exist. And, of course, wherever there is a Christian Heritage Party candidate, voters have the chance to support an unabashed pro-lifer.

The centerspread of this edition of the paper features an important advertisement from Campaign Life Coalition, identifying pro-life incumbents running for re-election and other pro-life candidates seeking to join them. We urge you to support these courageous and principled men and women with, at the very least, your votes on October 19.

If you can, you should also volunteer for them. If you do not have a pro-life candidate in your riding, please consider helping pro-life candidates in nearby ridings.