The following is a record of where candidates stand on the abortion issue.  The list has five columns:

1.         Voted for protection of unborn life on July 18, 1988 (This column applies only to incumbent MPs)

  1. 2. Spike publicly on behalf of unborn life. (Evidence is based on Hansard for sitting MPs, newspaper clippings, or reliable witnesses present at public occasions such as candidates’ meetings)
  2. 3. Signed Questionnaire (see page E5)
  3. 4. Has pro-life plant in party platform (applies only to Christian Heritage party).

Due to many late nominations, the information is incomplete especially in the Western and Maritime provinces.  In these regions please watch for regional advertisements and Campaign Life Coalition or other pro-life newsletters to bring more information on candidates in your riding.

In order to facilitate matters, we have listed only those candidates who do not carry the disqualifying stigma of permitting the killing of the unborn.  Please note that a listing here does not guarantee that these candidates are necessarily pro-life in the full sense of the word (i.e,. that parliament may never approve [legalize]  the killing of unborn innocents, no matter how few).  With incumbent members we have indicated same by listing exceptions.

Wherever in the list the riding is blank no contacts were made and, therefore, no information is provided.  We suggest that pro-lifers develop a certain sophistication in voting.

For example, in riding without a pro-life candidate, it is still possible to make distinctions for voting purposes such as “not pro-life” and is “pro-abortion.”  Obviously the latter is worse.

It is even possible to vote prudently in ridings with pro-abortion candidates only.  For example, in the Toronto riding of St. Paul, all three parties have a pro-abortion candidate.  But the sitting member is Barbara MacDougall, who has become a leading feminist in the Mulroney cabinet.  One could vote for her liberal rival Aideen Nicolson (also pro-abortion) just to defeat her and replace an influential feminist with one who will be a backbencher in the opposition.  It is a good rule of thumb to vote against incumbent pro-abortion MPs, especially those influential in Cabinet or party.

The data for this evaluation list has been provided to The Interim by Campaign Life Coalition.  The collation has been done by Interim staff.