Charging that existing political parties subscribe to a “religion” of “humanistic socialism,” a group in the Vancouver area has formed a new national political party, the Christian Party of Canada.

William Stillwell, the interim party president, says that the group began to organize in the spring of 1984, working on a constitution and policies. When the last federal election was called, supporters decided to give the Progressive Conservatives a chance “to run the country with some semblance of Christian principles.”

Party founders explain that

“To work effectively with the existing parties, one must compromise. We cannot compromise on our basic Christian principles. We are approaching a time in our country when if we continue the course we are now on with increasing immorality, excessive government spending and increasing control of our lives there will be a collapse of this country’s democratic government. To return Canada to its former greatness we must start on the road back to solid Christian morality. We must become a political voice for Christian morality.”

Party principles are based on Christian ethics and state

“We believe in God as the Creator and the Bible as the inspired Word of God. The major function of government is to uphold law and order and to maintain justice in the land and to ensure for each individual

  • The sanctity of life (from conception to natural death)
  • The privilege to own property
  • The freedom of religion, speech and assembly
  • Freedom to live his/her life according to biblical principles”

Party policies will reflect a return of Christian laws to the country; of Christian morality to the government; of a free enterprise economy; and the return of the family as the most important unit of society.

Membership in the party is open to all those who subscribe to party principles, whose place of residence is in Canada and who have reached the age of 16 years. Membership fees are $20 for three years, senior citizens and students receive a 50 per cent discount in fees. Life memberships are available for $100.

President Stillwell is asking for those who share Christian principles to join the party and “take part in a refreshing new movement which we feel can change the course of Canadian history.”

At the moment, organizers need 50 more members to register the party officially. Membership fees will be refunded if not enough signatures are obtained.

For further information, write to the Christian Party of Canada at 18341-59A Avenue, Surrey, B.C. V3S 6A4.