On Friday October 11, Premier Peterson went to Emeryville (near Windsor) to honour Dick Ruston, Essex North liberal MPP for 17 years, who retired from politics earlier in the year. He was one of the 375 guests who packed the Knights of Columbus hall.

As the Premier entered the hall he “received some vocal opposition from more than 100 local anti-abortion protestors who were picketing in front of the hall for several hours,” said the Windsor Star (October 12). “Spokesman Earl Amyotte said the protest was part of a province-wide effort.

On Monday October 28, Premier Peterson attended a Liberal fundraiser at the Bradgate Arms Hotel in Toronto where he was met by about 50 picketers. When asked why he did not uphold the law, he replied, “if you were to ask an independent judge you will find there is nothing to be done.”

On Wednesday October 30, Premier Peterson was again picketed by 40 to 50 pro-life demonstrators at the York Club in Toronto. Again he claimed that “…there is nothing I can do.”

According to the Stratford-Beacon Herald (November 2) Ontario Premier David Peterson “neatly sidestepped a Right to Life demonstration during a brief appearance at the opening of the Ontario Young Liberals Convention in Stratford” on Friday, November 1. About 40 picketers were on hand outside. John Devlin, President of Stratford and District Right to Life, explained that they hadn’t expected to talk to Mr. Peterson at all. They were simply taking advantage of the opportunity to remind the Premier to close the Morgentaler clinic.

The Kitchener-Waterloo Record (November 2) noted that the group “picketed quietly and did not confront Peterson or attempt to enter the hotel.”

On Tuesday November 5, about 40 picketers demonstrated outside Toronto’s Sheraton Centre where Peterson attended Cardinal Carter’s annual dinner. Over 80 flyers, outlining the pro-life position, were distributed. The flyers included a copy of Peterson’s pre0election promise that he would close the illegal abortion clinic.

On the evening of November 14 Peterson was again greeted by about 40 picketers as he entered Toronto’s Four Seasons Hotel on Avenue Road. This time his wife Shelley was with him. Mrs. Peterson was informed that during the previous week a 12-year-ole girl was counseled by pro-lifers at the illegal abortion clinic. She subsequently underwent an abortion without her parents’ consent – which is also against the law. Mrs. Peterson’s reply was “Do you think 12-year-olds should be raising children?”