And Pilate seeing that he prevailed nothing… washed his hands before the people saying ‘I am innocent of the blood of this just man. Look you to it.’

Mathew 27:24-30

Our nation is approaching a crossroads in its history with this federal election. I believe that if the current Liberal leadership receives another majority our freedoms will be in great danger. Thank God for those brave Liberal backbenchers who repeatedly opposed their party’s wrong actions. I pray that they will be re-elected.

For everyone, candidates and voters, who profess to be Christian, an excellent preparation for the election is to meditate on the role that Pontius Pilate played in the killing of the innocent Jesus Christ.

Lesson of Pilate

All of us have at times been Pontius Pilates when we have refused to stand up for truth because of fears for our personal safety, security or social standing or because we refused to risk our normal comforts and habits. What does Pontius Pilate tell us about our response to the killing of the innocent unborn, handicapped, elderly and sick persons? How will we deal with these and other fundamental moral issues in the election?

A tidal wave of cowardice is allowing the culture of death to flourish. These past few weeks Campaign Life Coalition has been hearing the same Pontius Pilates of the last few decades:

  1. “I am personally opposed, but…”
  2. “We must not impose our morality (or religion) upon others.”
  3. “I cannot commit myself by signing your questionnaire because I must be free to act according to the circumstances of the moment.”
  4. “I will go to the voters and act according to their wishes, no matter what my beliefs.”
  5. “We cannot act or speak because of our tax status.”
  6. “We must not call anyone pro-abortion.”
  7. “I am Christian, but my church takes too hard a stand, is out of date, needs to compromise, needs to become more up-to-date.”
  8. “I can’t publicly commit myself now. It’s important that I get into Cabinet where I can have more influence.”
  9. “We must be careful not to threaten the useful personal relationships that we have with certain politicians.”
  10. “I can’t be bothered to support a pro-life candidate – I’m too busy – don’t have time – $10 is too much – What’s the use, the parties are all corrupt – I tried last time and we lost – I’m a Liberal or a PC or a Reformer or a CHPer – I don’t want to hear about it anymore, it’s too disturbing, there are other issues.”

Humbly read about Pontius Pilate. And than remember the glory that follows from not rejecting our responsibilities and instead sharing Our Lord’s abuses, trials and the weight of His cross.

This essential element of Christian life has been rejected for some time and all of us, not just unborn children and euthanasia victims, may be about to pay a heavy price for it.

But, I am hopeful and I see that good people are beginning to understand again their true purpose in this life.

Reflecting values

The culture of death will not be defeated by politics, but the outcome of an election tends to reflect the values and priorities of a nation’s people.

What will this election show about the importance we give the annual slaughter of over 100,000 of God’s most innocent children and the expansion of the culture of death in Canada?

Pilate was warned by his sense of justice, he was warned by his conscience, he was warned by the dream of his troubled wife; but Pilate could not stand against the mob; and Pilate made the futile gesture of washing his hands.

There is one thing of which a man can never rid himself – and that is responsibility. It is never possible for Pilate or anyone else to say, “I wash my hands of all responsibility,” for that is something that no one and nothing can take away.

(Taken from The Daily Study Bible, The Gospel of John, volume 2 by William Barclay p. 242).

The protection of human life isn’t the only election issue – but it is by far the most important one, no matter what all the Pontius Pilate decide.

(Steve Jalsevac is Campaign Life Coalition Canada’s national election coordinator).