Commentary by Giuseppe Gori
The Interim

While some federal politicians are making an effort to represent the pro-life cause, provincially, the picture is pretty grim. Whom should we support at election time?

The established political parties have monopolized Ontario’s political scene with the help of electoral rules that give them preferential treatment.  With electoral reform coming to Ontario, it is now a different ball game and both democracy and the Family Coalition Party will be the winners.

Recently, I addressed the government select committee on electoral reform. We will soon have the opportunity to vote for a fairer electoral system in an Ontario referendum.

When seats in the legislature will be assigned more in accordance with the wishes of the people, the Family Coalition Party will have representatives at Queen’s Park, even though none of them may have the majority of the votes in a particular riding.  Thus, all of our votes will count.

For this reason, the Family Coalition Party is looking for candidates to represent the party across the province for the next election and is planning to field a candidate in every riding.

The transition from voting for specific individuals to supporting a party that represents our values,will be helped by the following positive trends:

First: the Catholic church, some evangelical pastors and even the Muslim community are becoming more vocal. Perhaps the same-sex “marriage” legislation was the catalyst that pushed some leaders to speak out.

Second: the Catholic church has issued a “doctrinal note” forbidding Catholics “to vote for a political program or an individual law which contradicts the fundamental contents of faith and morals.” This document is the clearest guide to date from the Vatican directing the faithful to support only political programs that concur with the moral principles of the church, such as the political program of the Family Coalition Party.

Third: the Catholic church seems now more willing to expose or acknowledge the excommunication of politicians who call themselves “Catholic,” but do no not adhere to the above guidelines.

Fourth: referenda in 13 U.S. states and polls in Canada all indicate a strong support for traditional marriage.

Fifth: our government representatives are being investigated for corruption. Provincial Liberals have also admitted they lied to us. People are now reconsidering their allegiances to parties that have squandered opportunities to lead honestly and morally.

Sixth: both Progressive Conservative leader John Tory and Premier Dalton McGuinty have turned towards a more liberal political philosophy that espouses a culture of death. This opens up a wide political vacuum, leaving only the Family Coalition Party to represent the culture of life.

The Family Coalition Party is making plans for a major media campaign in preparation for the 2007 election. It recently held a well-attended strategy meeting and dinner in Hamilton (featuring regular Interim contributor Donald DeMarco as speaker) and will do the same in various other regions in Ontario.

In Hamilton, DeMarco spoke about restoring sanity to our culture, one that has progressively become more insane. He gave as examples several recent outrages, including the case of one man who had children by his mother.

Most urgently, the party is looking for 100 God-fearing people who will represent us as candidates for the Ontario 2007 election.

These candidates will be 100 per cent pro-life, will support the traditional family and will be trained for the job. But who will these people be?

You can help. You probably know faithful people in your church and your community. Please call two people who come to mind and ask them if they would like the opportunity to represent us at election time. Alternatively, let us know their names and we will make the calls.

You do know at least one potential candidate very well, but perhaps his or her name did not come to mind. He or she has seen this article and has read it. Do you know who this person is? I am sorry to intrude in your busy life, but this person is yourself.

The Green party, during the last election, ran candidates in every riding. Do you think all these people were great orators? Prominent members of the community? With time to spend campaigning?

None of the above. None of them risked being elected. However, because of their collective effort, the Green party has become a household name. With your help, we can do as well or better.

The Family Coalition Party is the only moral alternative in Ontario. You can be a part of it.  Please provide us with your name or the names of people you know, who may not have political skills or much time, but have a solid moral foundation and we will build on that.

Our objective is to elect people who will represent families and transmit our values to future generations. We can only do it if you and many others are determined enough to pick up the phone and call. It’s a call that can change the fabric of our society for the better. All it takes for evil to succeed is for good men and women to do nothing.

Giuseppe Gori is the leader of the Family Coalition Party of Ontario. He can be contacted through its website at