On June 12, the scandal-plagued Liberal Party won re-election, increasing their seat count to 58, as Kathleen Wynne will return as premier of a majority government.

The Liberals increased their seat count by five from the 2011 election and 11 from the dissolution of the legislature when the Writ was dropped in May. An analysis by Campaign Life Coalition found that three pro-lifers were returned to Queen’s Park: Rick Nicholls (PC, Chatham-Kent-Essex), Joe Dickson (LIB, Ajax-Pickering), and Mario Sergio (LIB, York West). Nicholls and Dickson have both addressed the Defund Abortion Rally at Queen’s Park in the past.

CLC congratulated all pro-lifers who came forward to stand for election, having identified about 15 candidates they qualified as pro-life in the Progressive Conservative, Liberal, Green, and Family Coalition parties.

CLC also said, “We are saddened to see MPP Jerry Ouellette (PC) lose his seat in Oshawa. Although not rated fully pro-life by CLC, Jerry was a strong advocate for pro-family values.”

Jack Fonseca, project manager for CLC, said he expects Wynne’s Liberal government to push “graphic sex ed in the schools” and that “she can now pass any legislation or regulation without the need for a single vote from the opposition.”

After winning the Liberal Leadership in 2013, Wynne announced she would bring back the age-inappropriate sex ed curriculum her predecessor, former premier Dalton McGuinty, was forced to shelve in 2010 after backlash from parents and religious leaders.

After winning just 27 seats, a decline of 11 from dissolution, PC leader Tim Hudak announced he would resign as leader. The party has not yet announced when the leadership campaign will be held, but CLC Toronto director Jeff Gunnarson told The Interim that pro-lifers who lean toward the Tories should endure their memberships are up to date. “We want supporters to be prepared for a leadership contest and who knows what rules are going to be established,” he said. “The best way to ensure the pro-life voice is heard is to have current, valid memberships in the party.”

Gunnarson said with the provincial election done, CLC is focusing on the Oct. 27 municipal elections across Ontario, especially the school board elections. He said they are more important now that Wynne has been re-elected, saying they are a “last line of defense against the moral corruption of children,” if the Liberal government imposes a radical new sexual education curriculum.

Alex Schadenberg, executive director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, is concerned that Wynne will push Quebec style euthanasia where the province does not prosecute doctor-assisted suicides and euthanasia cases. Wynne said it was time “for a conversation on dying with dignity” and signalled Ontario is willing to follow the Quebec model.