“And now Israel, take notice of the laws and customs that I teach you today, and observe them, that you may have life…

“Keep them, observe them and they will demonstrate to the peoples your wisdom…” (Deut 4:1, 5)

Easter tells us that God who created the world also intervened through Christ, God the on, to save mankind from its own created darkness and sin.

Christ came to transform and perfect the teaching of the Law given to Moses and the Jews; and then to pass it on to all nations and peoples, not just to the Israelites.

It is because of the Easter event – the life, the death and resurrection of Christ – that the public agnosticism of our modern politicians is so abhorrent. This is especially true for those who go through the motions of saying and thinking that they believe in the resurrected Christ and then act totally contrary to the most basic beliefs.

It is our impatience with this make-believe that has given pro-life the label of being “radical,” of going “too far,” of being “fanatic.”

But in reality we are asking for little more than that Christians act according to the principles that Christ inspires.

Recently, Rome’s Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, speaking in Washington, emphasized the need of educating in the truth.

“The truth,” he said, “often makes people uncomfortable: it is probably the strictest of teachers In the process of learning unselfishness and real freedom. Let us take the example of Pilate. He knows for a fact that the accused Jesus is innocent and that, according to justice, he should acquit him. He even wants to do so. But then this truth begins to conflict with his position: it threatens him with inconvenience or even with the loss of his post. Public disturbances could arise: he may be made to appear in an unfavorable light with Caesar and similar fears. And so he prefers to sacrifice the truth, which neither cries out nor defends itself, even if its betrayal leaves behind in his soul the dull ache of failure.”

Pilate’s behavior recurs in history as it does today. Moderns have introduced a refinement for excusing themselves by arguing that law may be separated from and even contradict morality. Such is bill C-43 which, in the name of the Canadian people, proposes to scorn god and legalize the killing of the unborn.

Christians number 91 out of every 100 Canadians. For that reason alone they should not hesitate to demand full protection for the unborn. Moreover, it is their view – not that of the pro-abortionists – which coincides wit hthe common good. It is their view on abortion which is shared by another world religion, that of the Moslems, and which, come to think of it, is shared by every religious tradition, past and present.

Legalized abortion is the product of Satanic darkness. It means the brutalization of all society.

We call upon our legislators to defeat the pro-death Bill C-43; then they should take steps to introduce a pro-life bill so that the while nation “may have life” and “demonstrate to the peoples your wisdom.”