The Liberal Government of Ontario has an overwhelming majority in the legislature (95 out of 130 seats). Fearing that adverse economic and constitutional problems on the Canadian horizon may damage its future “credibility,” it has decided to go to the polls without delay. That’s it good right. But it’s our right to reiterate again the folly of being naïve about this government or the two old parties opposing it.

The three established parties – Liberals, Conservatives and New Democrats – devote their election rhetoric to taxes, housing, free trade, environment and bashing one another. In fact, the differences among them are minimal, mostly ones of emphasis.

These parties never mention the spiritual, moral malaise nor its effects on society, because all three favour moral permissiveness with its exclusive emphasis on the rights, or the supposed rights, of the individual. All three support the basic premises of radical feminism: the right to contracept, divorce, euthanize, sterilize and sodomize; the right to abort, to suicide, to sexual freedom; the right to pornography, nudity and common-law liaisons. In general, all three hold that sexual, personal and political morality have no standards other than what the “community” or its vocal interpreters of the moment decide it ought to be.

That leaves only one choice: the Family Coalition Party. Unlike the other parties, it continues the traditional belief that a society without God-given standards ends in chaos. We feel sorry for voters in those ridings who do not have an FCP candidate to vote for.

As for supporters of the regular parties, there are still a few people who claim to be pro-life. But it is always the same story. Privately, they say, we are opposed to the anti-life policies of our parties, but don’t ask us to oppose them in public! That would alienate other supporters!

The NDP has expelled the active pro-lifers from its party membership. The Conservatives betrayal of pro-life principles on the federal level with the passing of Bill C-43, this past spring leaves nothing to the imagination about the fate of such pro-lifers in the PC party: they either conform to evil, as most of them did, or they are ostracized by the party form then on.

As for the Peterson Liberals, it is obscene to speak of pro-lifers among the sitting members: not a single one, not a one had the courage to vote against Health Minister Elinor Caplan’s “an-abortuary-in-every-town” bill (the Health Facilities Act) this past winter.

Please support the FCP.