The federal New Democrat party is rapidly becoming the pro-death party. With their recent over-whelming resolutions endorsing abortion on demand, support for Henry Morgentaler and censure of their own provincial government in Manitoba, the NDP is quickly losing its pro-life supporters.

Following the Canadian Catholic Bishops’ New Year’s report on the economy, which strongly favoured socialist policies, the NDP felt certain of enlarged support from the Catholic community. These recent moves, then, to widen their pro-abortion position, have lost them the pro-life Catholic vote which they might otherwise have attracted.

The tactics of the pro-abortion feminists who have now consolidated their positions in the party hierarchy are also responsible for the weakening of pro-life support.

The many men and women to whom the idea of feminism is anathema will not be fooled by this smokescreen. They simply would not vote NDP.

The true feminists – and, make no mistake, true feminists are pro-life – will equally not be fooled by these manipulators.

At one time, the NDP-CCF were the pioneers of valid social programs such as medicare and unemployment benefits. Today they are embracing such extremist causes as unilateral disarmament and the recognition of international terrorism. Add to this the party’s pro-abortion platform, and the reason for its latest showing of 15% support, down from 26% last February, is not hard to understand.

If the NDP is truly concerned with enlarging its voter support, it would be well-advised to pay more attention to pro-life issues. Current party members who are pro-life will not be able to stomach much longer the lack of support for the most basic principle – the right to life of all.