Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Will the truth set us free?

The lockdowns have now become a permanent violation of our Charter Rights and Freedom to move, travel, assemble, associate, and worship. Governments are showing no intentions of removing restrictions, even as COVID-19 deaths slow to a trickle, and are now proven to be a small fraction of the dire predictions made by politicians in March. Masks have become mandatory for children to attend [...]

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CLC petitions Trudeau to reverse abortion position

Campaign Life Coalition has launched a website with a petition and social media campaign to "Demand Justin Repeal This Policy of Exclusion, Intolerance & Discrimination" -- the policy, of course, being Justin Trudeau's diktat that all Liberal candidates in the future must be "pro-choice." The Toronto Sun has a story on CLC's campaign, reporting, "Canada's largest anti-abortion group says that for democracy [...]

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Will Marc Hall saga continue to have repercussions?

Charter rights of religious institutions are at issue Regular readers of The Interim and Catholic Insight will recall the 2005 Marc Hall case involving a young homosexual who obtained an interim court injunction ordering his Roman Catholic high school to permit him to attend the school prom with his homosexual partner. This injunction was granted in the course of his action against [...]

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