New Vatican document on human dignity condemns abortion, euthanasia

Paul Tuns: On April 8, the Vatican released a document affirming the dignity of every individual, condemning abortion, euthanasia, surrogacy, human trafficking and transgenderism, as well as poverty, violence, war, sexual abuse, and poor treatment of migrants and prisoners. The document, Dignitas infinita, was released by the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith (DDF) and written by Cardinal Victor Manuel Fernández, [...]

2024-05-03T18:11:04-04:00May 3, 2024|Abortion, Euthanasia, Marriage and Family, Religion|

Just before Remembrance Day, military chaplains banned from saying religious prayers

NOTE: After a backlash to the policy, Chaplain Brig-Gen Guy Belisle rescinded the policy banning prayer at public ceremonies involving military chaplains. Paul Tuns: The Epoch Times reported on Oct. 11 – one month before Remembrance Day – that Chaplain General Brigadier Guy Belisle sent a memo to all armed forces instructing them to avoid religious prayers at all official functions. Belisle [...]

2023-11-08T10:30:59-05:00November 8, 2023|Religion|
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