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The Burning of Canada’s Churches

Paul Tuns: I have a "Houses of Worship" column in the Wall Street Journal about "The Burning of Canada's Churches." It begins: It has been a difficult summer for Canada’s Christians. Over five days in late June, four Catholic churches and an Anglican church were burned to the ground, the first churches to be set ablaze or vandalized to begin a summer of [...]

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In search of new ‘cadres’ for a Canadian renewal

Can the mutual interests of the regions lead to a decentralized Canada? By Mark Wegierski Regionalization is a possible solution to Canada’s current-day crisis. Whether one calls them infrastructures or “cadres,” conservatives in Canada today are greatly in need of them. A truly consummate politician is able to utilize the self-interest of disparate groupings to work towards some common goal that only [...]

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Trudeau government reintroduces bill expanding euthanasia

Disabilities group condemns C-7, EPC says safeguards are being eroded Justice Minister David Lametti introduced Bill C-7 on Oct. 5, bringing back the federal government’s legislation to broaden so-called Medical Aid in Dying (MAiD). Last September, a Quebec court threw out several provisions of the federal euthanasia and assisted-suicide law, most notably the requirement that death be “reasonably foreseeable” in order to [...]

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Is there a future for Canadian social conservatism?

It could be argued that, over the last five decades, Canadian social conservatism has failed to successfully propagandize a “counter-ethic” to the now-prevalent “social-liberal idea of Canada.” The origins of the decline of Canadian social conservatism can be traced to the battles from 1963 to 1968 between Liberal Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson and the staunch Tory John Diefenbaker (Prime Minister from [...]

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Did Justin Trudeau really say abortion is Canada’s greatest achievement

So I saw Paul Tuns' link to Justin Trudeau's speech last week on "Canadian Liberty" and the Liberal Leader was conspicuous, as he usually is, in talking about liberty or Charter values, without being specific. Liberty is just this thing he invokes, because Liberals need to be about Liberty, he says. There is an exception to his lack of specificity, and that's [...]

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Liberals want rushed debate on assisted suicide before election

What the Trudeau Liberals are doing makes no sense. The Canadian Press reports that federal Liberal leader Justin Trudeau wants the Conservative government to make clear how it plans to respond to the Supreme Court's decision on assisted-suicide before October's scheduled election.Earlier this month, the Supreme Court of Canada threw out the Criminal Code prohibitions on euthanasia and assisted-suicide and told Parliament it [...]

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Pro-life former Liberal MPs to Trudeau: rescind anti-life edict

Yesterday, seven former Liberal Members of Parliament sent an open letter to Justin Trudeau regarding his edict earlier this year that pro-lifers cannot even run for a Liberal Party nomination. We reprint the letter below. Trudeau responded to the letter with a tweet: "The days when old men get to decide what a woman does with her body are long gone. Times have [...]

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CLC petitions Trudeau to reverse abortion position

Campaign Life Coalition has launched a website with a petition and social media campaign to "Demand Justin Repeal This Policy of Exclusion, Intolerance & Discrimination" -- the policy, of course, being Justin Trudeau's diktat that all Liberal candidates in the future must be "pro-choice." The Toronto Sun has a story on CLC's campaign, reporting, "Canada's largest anti-abortion group says that for democracy [...]

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Canada’s Catholic bishops and Justin Trudeau

As usual Liberal Party activist Adam Goldenberg doesn't get it. He says in the Globe and Mail that Justin Trudeau is right to demand a pro-abortion litmus test on candidates for the Liberal Party and religious leaders are wrong: It’s one thing for clergy to express their views on a policy issue, but it’s quite another for them to assert that their [...]

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Liberal Party endorses euthanasi

This past weekend the Liberal Party of Canada adopted a resolution at its biennial policy convention calling for decriminalization of euthanasia and doctor-assisted suicide in a vote by show of hands. The resolution said: "Be it resolved that voluntary medically-assisted death be de-criminalized after a public consultation process designed to make recommendations to Parliament with respect to the criteria for access and [...]

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