The civil rights quagmire book review

By Paul Tuns The Age of Entitlement: America Since the Sixties by Christopher Caldwell (Simon & Schuster, 2020, $37, 342 pages) Christopher Caldwell should not be anyone’s idea of a right-wing extremist. He is a columnist for the centrist Financial Times and has contributed to the right-of-center Wall Street Journal and increasing left-wing New York Times. His c.v. includes titled positions at [...]

2020-12-06T15:53:14-05:00October 26, 2020|Book Review, Paul Tuns|

Gender-identity wars

By Rory Leishman For the past three years, every federal and provincial jurisdiction in Canada has prohibited discrimination on the basis of gender identity, yet none of our legislators, lawyers and judges can have any clear idea about precisely what this wide-ranging legislation entails. In an attempt to clear up the confusion, the Ontario Human Rights Commission has issued a policy statement [...]

2020-12-06T16:02:37-05:00October 17, 2020|Rory Leishman, Transgender|
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