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An inspiring collection to arm Christian warriors

Book Review By Paul Tuns The Wit and Wisdom of Father George Rutler, edited by Edward Short (Sophia Institute Press, $19.95 USD, 352 pages). I have long been a fan of Fr. George Rutler’s writings, being most familiar with his work in Crisis magazine. Fr. Rutler radiates both erudition and spirituality, so it is hardly surprising that he is both Ivy League [...]

2021-01-16T17:04:32-06:00January 16, 2021|Book Review|

Books of the Day

What is Marriage? Man and Woman: A Defense Sherif Gergis, Ryan T. Anderson and Robert P. George (Encounter, $24, 136 pages) In 2013, Sherif Girgis, Ryan T. Anderson, and Robert P. George co-wrote a brief book, What is Marriage. Last year, the book was re-released and rightly so. Although the book was originally released during the height of the same-sex "marriage" debate [...]

2021-01-04T14:08:07-06:00January 4, 2021|Book Review, Marriage and Family, Religion|

Some thoughts about euthanasia

From the editor's desk I’ve often said that when it comes to euthanasia, in our current legal and political climate, “safeguards” is just another name for discrimination. If the state tries to protect minors or people suffering from mental illness or non-terminally ill individuals by outlawing a lethal procedure that might be imposed upon a highly impressionable person or to [...]

2020-12-29T13:46:33-06:00December 29, 2020|Book Review, Euthanasia|

Looking up — not left, right

Interim writer, Josie Luetke , Talk Turkey By Josie Luetke Being somewhat of a political nomad, I was eager to read James Mumford’s Vexed: Ethics Beyond Political Tribes, published just this year, precisely because it seemed it would affirm my choice of wandering in the (metaphorical) wilderness rather than buying into one of the flawed “package deals” on offer by [...]

2020-12-05T12:59:28-06:00November 8, 2020|Announcements, Book Review, Josie Luetke|

Beyond the smorgasbord book review

By Paul Tuns Strange Rites: New Religions for a Godless World by Tara Isabella Burton (PublicAffairs, $35, 320 pages). We are told, by pundits and polling data, that fewer people are practicing any religion in the West, and the secularization of America is happening at an ever-quickening pace. Recent surveys show that “religious Nones” — those who do not adhere to any [...]

2020-12-06T15:49:47-06:00November 3, 2020|Book Review, Paul Tuns, Religion|

Not big enough book review

By Paul Tuns One Billion Americans: The Case for Thinking Bigger by Matthew Yglesias (Portfolio, $37, 267 pages) Matthew Yglesias is a policy wonk and political commentator for the left-wing Vox website. His new book, One Billion Americans, could have been a good and important contribution to American discourse, adding to the dearth of serious, or at least ambitious, ideas. Yglesias makes [...]

2020-12-06T15:49:11-06:00November 3, 2020|Book Review, Paul Tuns, Population|

The civil rights quagmire book review

By Paul Tuns The Age of Entitlement: America Since the Sixties by Christopher Caldwell (Simon & Schuster, 2020, $37, 342 pages) Christopher Caldwell should not be anyone’s idea of a right-wing extremist. He is a columnist for the centrist Financial Times and has contributed to the right-of-center Wall Street Journal and increasing left-wing New York Times. His c.v. includes titled positions at [...]

2020-12-06T15:53:14-06:00October 26, 2020|Book Review, Paul Tuns|

Revolt against the managers book review

The New Class War: Saving Democracy from the Managerial Elite by Michael Lind (Portfolio, $34, 203 pages) In 1941, James Burnham wrote an international bestseller, The Managerial Revolution: What is Happening in the World. Even then, Burnham found that the age of capitalism and bureaucracy was being replaced by a group of managers. Michael Lind, a conservative (early 1990s) turned liberal (mid-1990s) [...]

2020-12-06T16:39:20-06:00September 27, 2020|Book Review, Paul Tuns, Soconvivium|

Breaking up America book review

Paul Tuns, Editor of The Interim Newspaper By Paul Tuns American Secession: The Looming Threat of a National Breakup by F.H. Buckley (Encounter, $31.99, 170 pages) F.H. Buckley is a Canadian-born law professor whose star has risen as a pundit since the election of Donald Trump four years ago. He is a prolific author and his latest book is American [...]

2020-12-06T16:31:20-06:00September 27, 2020|Book Review, Soconvivium|

New pro-life children’s book

Bethany Bomberger is the co-founder of The Radiance Foundation and homeschooling mother of four children – both biological and adopted. She’s the author of a brand new adorably illustrated children’s book called Pro-Life Kids!This book powerfully illuminates that every human life has purpose. The hardcover book is available through the Radiance Foundation in the newly launched initiative. Alveda King, niece of [...]

2019-12-17T19:10:47-06:00December 17, 2019|Book Review, Pro-Life|

In praise of backroomers

A primer in political party organizing Let ‘Em Howl: Lessons from a Life in Backroom Politicsby Pat Sorbara. (Gibsons, Nightwood Editions, pb $22.95, ebook $12.79, 252 pp) In October, 2012, a little over six months before he passed away, a dinner was organized as a Dean Martin-style “roast” to honour the late Doug Finley, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s national campaign director for [...]

2019-12-13T12:17:34-06:00December 13, 2019|Book Review, Politics|

The madness of identity politics

The Madness of Crowds: Gender, Race and Identity, by Douglas Murray (Bloomsbury, $38, 288 pages) In The Madness of Crowds, Douglas Murray examines the social, political, and sexual phenomena of the past century. He submits that 21st-century equality activism has discarded historical ideals as its source (truth, beauty, justice). Current moral convention is shown to be necessarily incoherent, generated instead by technology, [...]

2019-12-11T05:59:37-06:00December 11, 2019|Book Review, Society & Culture|

Interim publishes anthology of its best writing over 35 years

Editor’s Note: Interimeditor Paul Tuns interviewed Dan Di Rocco, chair of the business board of The Interim and editor of the forthcoming anthology from the first 35 years of Interimwriting, We Told You So, Honestly. Paul Tuns:What was the motivation for publishing an anthology ofInterimarticles? Dan Di Rocco:The paper has served a huge need in pro-life communications. It filled that need with [...]

The story that inspired the movie: Abby Johnson’s Unplanned

by Abby Johnson, with Cindy Lambert. (Ignatius Press, 2014, $20.99, 320 pages) Although this book is a few years old, it is appropriate to review it at this time since the movie has been released in the U.S. to large crowds, debate, and interest. The book (and movie) describes Abby Johnson’s journey from pro-choice to pro-life with many conflicts interwoven [...]

2019-05-03T16:40:57-06:00May 6, 2019|Abortion, Book Review, Pro-Life|
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