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Linda Gibbons freed from prison after charges are withdrawn

Linda Gibbons is free after the Crown withdrew charges of disobeying a court order and obstructing a peace officer, but not before spending three months in jail. Pro-life activist Linda Gibbons walked out of a downtown Toronto courtroom a free woman Nov. 12 after the Crown withdrew criminal charges of disobeying a court order and obstructing a peace officer, laid [...]

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Judge lambastes Linda Gibbons, gives maximum sentence for abortion mill protest

Linda Gibbons Linda Gibbons was sentenced to the maximum of six months in prison, with 29 days yet to serve when taking into account time already in custody, as her sentencing hearing concluded at the provincial court at College Park in downtown Toronto Sept. 11. Gibbons has been in and out of jail for years over her protests outside Toronto [...]

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Pro-life protester Linda Gibbons arrested

Linda Gibbons Linda Gibbons, who has spent years in jail for peacefully protesting Toronto abortion clinic “bubble zone” laws, was arrested outside the “Morgentaler Clinic” abortion site in Toronto around 11:30 a.m. June 11. The arrest took place some two and a half hours after she appeared there to begin pacing back and forth on a sidewalk with her usual [...]

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Pro-life activists receive Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for fighting for pre-born

Pro-life heroines Linda Gibbons and Mary Wagner received medals from the Governor General of Canada this week in recognition of their “contribution to Canada.” The activists are internationally renowned for having been arrested and jailed numerous times for violating abortion facility “bubble zones” while peacefully seeking to counsel abortion-bound moms to choose life. Wagner is currently in jail following her arrest in [...]

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Linda Gibbons trial date set

Linda Gibbons was committed to a trial to be held on Thursday, April 26, on a charge of disobeying a court order, during a brief appearance in a Toronto courtroom Feb. 14. The trial, expected to last four hours, will be held beginning at 10 a.m. in room 504 of the College Park courthouse at Yonge and College Streets in downtown Toronto. [...]

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Supreme Court hears arguments in Gibbons case

The Supreme Court of Canada heard submissions Dec. 14 from the lawyer of Linda Gibbons, defending not the pro-life activist’s free speech rights, but rather how civil authorities deal with her for allegedly violating the “temporary” bubble zone injunction issued in 1994. Gibbons, 63, is a pro-life activist who has spent years in jail for peacefully protesting outside abortion facilities that [...]

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Gibbons found not guilty as judge rules outdated injunction was used

After three months in prison, Linda Gibbons was found not guilty on a charge of disobeying a court order and released from custody to the hugs of supporters in a downtown Toronto courtroom Nov. 4. Justice Alphonse T. Lacavera determined Sheriff Peter Krause improperly read the text of an outdated injunction when he directed that she be arrested outside the Morgentaler Clinic [...]

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Gibbons’ trial dates set

Linda Gibbons will stand trial on Nov. 4 on a charge of disobeying a court order in connection with her latest demonstration outside a Toronto abortion site this past August 4. According to Gibbons’s lawyer, she will be pleading not guilty. The date was set during a recent appearance before a justice of the peace. Although Gibbons has been conducting [...]

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One pro-life hero recalls another

Editor’s Note: This is a letter dated May 7 from Linda Gibbons to Campaign Life Coalition national president Jim Hughes after Fr. Ted Colleton died and while Gibbons was still in jail. It is reprinted with permission. Greetings in the God of All. Comfort. I pray this finds each of you well and blessed in your labours for life.   [...]

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Different charge in Gibbons case

Linda Gibbons's legal odyssey has taken a different turn, as she has been charged with disobeying a court order after appearing outside the Scott "Clinic" abortion site in downtown Toronto on Oct. 8. It has been the local Crown attorney office's practice to charge Gibbons with obstructing a peace officer throughout the 14-year term of a "temporary" court injunction that prohibits pro-life [...]

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Gibbons sentenced, then arrested

The taste of freedom was a short one for Linda Gibbons. Just three days after being released from her latest prison term for demonstrating at a Toronto abortion site, the diminutive grandmother was arrested July 31 outside the “Scott Clinic” for allegedly violating terms of a “temporary” court injunction enacted in 1994 that prohibits pro-life activity within certain distances of specified Toronto [...]

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