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Landsberg’s hatreds

On May 12, Michele Landsberg's column in the Toronto Star was headed Lunatic Spectacle in Regina. The lunatic spectacle was that of the " self-appointed spokesman" for all the fertilized ova in Canada, Holy Joe Borowski, appearing at the Court of Queen's Bench in Saskatchewan. Ms.Landsberg's referneces to him were abusive in the extreme- this man who worships a painted shrine in [...]

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We all need more heroes

Popular sociological jargon uses the term 'role model' frequently.  Usually this refers to children and their need to identify with an appropriate adult.  It occurs to me that adults too need their role models, and I suspect it is more appropriate to talk of heroes. There is no finer example of contemporary heroism than Mother Teresa.  Her love for all humanity shines [...]

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From Hansard

Hon. Jake Epp (Provencher): Madam Speaker, I would like to direct a question to the Minister of Justice.  It relates to the Morgentaler clinic in Winnipeg.  Up to this point of time the Attorney General in Manitoba has argued that there is nothing wrong with the establishment of a clinic.  However, the clinic did not receive hospital status and did not establish [...]

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How we picketed Iona Campagnolo in Thunder Bay

When I read my Campaign Life bulletin telling me that Iona Campagnolo, President of the Liberal Party of Canada, must be picketed wherever she goes, I hoped she would never come to Thunder Bay. However, when I read in the newspaper that Iona was coming May 10th, I got on the phone and got support from my two cohorts in the fights [...]

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The beast in the beauty

She was beautiful, almost radiant. She was intelligent, witty, poised. She was, in fact, everything that a young woman like myself (who likes to think herself "liberated") would strive to emulate. But when Iona Campagnolo uttered her strategized pro-abortion clichés with chilling, resentful conviction, my illusion of her and any respect I had for her, was shattered... About two days before Ms. [...]

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Are legal and moral the same thing?

The Globe and Mail on May 21st reported from Regina that "anti-abortionist" Joe Borowski was "astounded that the Federal Government lawyer did not call witnesses to counter his (Joe's) legal attempt to have Canada's abortion law declared invalid. Mr. Boworski's lawyer, Dr. Morris Schumiatcher, had produced a number of world experts in genetics and fetology who left any unbiased reader of the [...]

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Formby’s Concern for All

In 1978 Paul Formby was one of  the founders of Campaign Life and he became the National Co-ordinator until last September. The new Charter of Rights made him decide to go to law school, where he is now studying so that he can continue the fight for the unborn in the courts. The work of Paul Formby causes us to reflect on [...]

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Pro-life philosophy

After some reflection, anyone is bound to object that 'pro-life philosophy' is as redundant a phrase as is 'round wheel' or 'flat plain'. And they would be right! Still, there may be some merit to setting down a few of the obvious aspects of our common stance in favor of life and of free will. Why do I add "free will"? Because [...]

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Also in the Yukon

Paul Formby's courage, intelligence, and dedication to the worker's right to a healthy environment in the workplace were tested and proven long before his arrival at Thetford. After graduating in philosophy from the University of British Columbia, he headed north to Clinton Creek in the Yukon. Here he found the noise and dust of an asbestos mill - not the hoped -for [...]

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Asbestos Scandal in Quebec

When you first meet him, Paul Formby does not impress you as an aggressive organizer, but in 1975 he set off the longest strike in the history of Thetford Mines, Quebec - a confrontation which lasted 8 months - and he did it simply be taking air samples. Formby collected the controversial air samples from the Thetford mines and mills illegally and [...]

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How to use the ovulation method

The first step in learning to use the Ovulation Method is to attend a clinic given by an O.M. certified instructor. Billings' Ovulation Method teachers are certified by the World Organization Ovulation Method Billings. Don't try to learn from a book or a fried. This may be necessary in an isolated area where no clinic is available, but the learner should send [...]

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One man who made a difference

We tend to forget that the good deeds of one courageous, intelligent and dedicated man or woman can effect profound changes in our lives for which all should ever be grateful. Such a man is Paul Formby.

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What the trial in Regina is really all about

Something very serious is coming out of the Borowski trial in Regina. It is not just a matter of deciding when life begins and whether or not abortion is murder. Truth itself is on trial. Daily at this trial a group of women marched outside the courtroom, with tape covering their mouths - to signify that this was a trial dominated by [...]

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Pro-life marches are effective

On Mother's Day we held our fourth annual Rally and Walk. As in previous years, it was a tremendous success. In spite of its success, some people have asked if we feel it is effective - doing the same thing year after year, and is it, in any way, helping to stop abortions? Without hesitation, I answer "yes" to both questions, but [...]

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A prayer for Joe Borowski

O Lord, we pray that as King Solomon pronounced his famous judgment many centuries ago and thus saved the life of one baby, so may the Judge in the Borowski case be granted the wisdom and the courage to make a just decision which will save the lives of countless thousands of innocent babies. We ask you this through Jesus Christ Our [...]

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