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Watching it

On Monday, January 30, at 8 p.m. channel 17, and the P.B.S. station in Buffalo, broadcast a film called "Abortion Clinic." An hour later, channel 5, the C.B.S. station in Toronto broadcast an episode of a situation comedy called "Buffalo Bill," in which the same subject, abortion, was an integral part of the plot. Watching the two shows serially was instructive and [...]

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“Family Planning” programmes outrage parents

Across Canada Ontario Every year, their promotions are more outrageous, but the basic message is the same. This year, the Department of Public Health of the City of Toronto (Family Planning Division) is giving away 10,000 condoms during Birth Control Week. Their programmers are aimed mainly at teens, despite the fact that the 20-24 year group has the highest abortion rates. They [...]

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A Choice Debate

The Editorial Here we go again. The current publicity surrounding Campaign Life's Homemaker's boycott shows that this kind of strategy is effective. While the magazine itself denies the boycott is having an effect on their advertising revenue, we have to wonder why, in that case, are the media suddenly so interested? Name-calling has started again - the usual uninspired litany:  "anti-choice," "right-wing [...]

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Homemakers, home breakers

Over the past 10 years, Homemaker's magazine has consistently followed a pro-abortion editorial policy.  The sole concession towards balance on this matter has been to publish a selection of pro-life readers' letters, which they had received following the start of the boycott last year. Repeated requests from readers, from Campaign Life members, and from other pro-life groups, asking Homemaker's to review this [...]

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