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Ontario: Successful pro-life weekend in Kingston

The weekend of June 15-17 will long be remembered in the Kingston area.  It was a weekend of firsts - Joe Borowski's first Charismatic Conference, the Conference's first pro-life guest speaker, and Kingston's first opportunity to hear Mr. Borowski in person. The "Let them Live" Fathers' Day Vigil on Sunday, June 17, was the finale of a weekend of prayer, pro-life activity [...]

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The NCC provides a Canadian pro-life victory

TORONTO - it is a great pro-life victory that Bill C-169, the amendments to the Canada Elections Act, has been thrown out by the Alberta Supreme Court. On June 26, 1984, Justice Donald Medhurst of the Alberta Court of Queen's Bench ruled that the changes made to the freedom of expression guaranteed in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The National [...]

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Abortion and the United Way

EDMONTON- On June 12, 1984, Planned Parenthood was denied a $12,868 grant request and their application for membership in the United Way of Edmonton was turned down. This was not the first time a Planned Parenthood application to the United Way had been rejected. They applied twice before but in previous years their application never made it past the investigation committee to [...]

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