Liberals for life Libéraux pour la vie

Liberals for Life, in cooperation with Campaign Life, is entering the second phase of its election activity. The first phase consisted of attempting to identify aspirants, who were pro-life, for nomination as official party candidates in local ridings. Too frequently Campaign Life searched for and sponsored a nominee who said he was pro-life but who would not stay pro-life. That is to [...]

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Would Homemaking be easier without children?

During the last 12-month the pro-life people of Canada have found a number of ways to show the inaccuracy of the findings of the Gallup Poll on abortion with its loaded questions.  Last October's Ontario Rally, organized by Toronto Right to Life, outnumbered by over 50 to 1 the group of pro-abortionists who demonstrated on the same day.  For every pro-lifer present [...]

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Pluralism in Canada – part two

The idea of the pluralist society goes back roughly to the eighteenth century, to the days when separation of Church and State was launched with the Constitution of the United States. This American separation was unlike the separation of Church and State brought about a few years later, during the French Revolution (which began in 1789).  The latter was essentially one of [...]

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Midwives and abortion

A coalition of midwifery groups presented a report in June to the Ontario review of health professions, in which they asked for the right to practice legally in the province. In asking to be licensed, and to be allowed to establish a college to set training standards, the midwives say that Canadians would save at least $8.2 million a year in physicians' [...]

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You and me

This poem accompanied an entry in The Interim essay contest You cannot feel the fear that I feel You cannot cry the tears that I cry You are not about to die You have a choice in your life I do not You can speak for yourself I cannot You are not about to die You have laughed, you have cried I [...]

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Interim essay contest

The following essay won first place in its category - 12-14 years. It is reprinted without any alterations. My thoughts on abortion Abortion is an important issue in society. It is being widely discussed and in this essay I will present my views. First of all, when I look at abortion, a strange thought occurs to me. Why do people consider babies [...]

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Hysterotomy: murder by any other name – is murder

Semantically speaking, we are living in an age of "Euphemism," smoothing the rough edges of distasteful facts. For instance, there are no old people these days, there are only "Senior Citizens." We don't die anymore, we just "pass on." Murder Murder is defined as the "unlawful and premeditated killing of one human being by another." But murder is often dressed in euphemistic [...]

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Abortion affects foreign policy

In a dramatic reversal of U.S. government policy, funding of abortions in the third world may be ended by the Reagan administration.  A paper prepared by the White House Office of Policy development and the National Security Council calls for a substantial reduction in the funds given to such agencies as the United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA), and the International [...]

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Death for the unborn: American Style

Reprinted from the National Catholic Register WASHINGTON---U.S. private foundations are contributing huge sums to promote abortion and contraception, according to a recently completed Register survey of foundation tax returns and annual reports. Directors of the foundations involved include pollster George Gallup Sr.; labour leaders Lane Kirkland and Glenn Watts; Time magazine consultant (and former editor) Hedley Donovan; civil rights leader Vernon Jordan [...]

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The Now Dead Party

As the founding president of the Thompson (Manitoba) NDP, and as a later MLA and Cabinet Minister, I feel reasonably qualified to do an in-depth analysis of the slow demise of socialism in Canada. The March, 1984, Gallup Poll that showed the NDP down to 11 % of the popular vote is eloquent testimony of the public's good sense since 11% is [...]

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The writs are down

The writs are down. The shackles are off. Across the country, political hopefuls of every stripe are rapidly molding election teams. This election will be very important for the unborn in Canada. The controversial Bill C-169 (amendments to the Canada Election Act) was thrown out of court because it denied Canadians the right of free speech, guaranteed them under the Canadian Charter [...]

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The Editorial: Unmuzzled

At the Alberta Court of Queen's Bench, on Tuesday, June 26, 1984, Mr. Justice Donald Medhurst ruled Bill C-169 unconstitutional under the Canadian Charter of Rights. He stated, in part, "I believe that the sections ... do limit the actions of anyone other than registered parties or candidates from incurring election expanses ... and in this sense, there is a restriction on [...]

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Teachers use position and public money to promote abortion

As a parting gift to weary teachers heading got a much-needed summer vacation, the Women's Liaison Committee of the Toronto Board of Education sent out a list of questions teachers should ask of candidates in the upcoming federal election.  The list appeared on a sheet circulated to all schools of the Board. One of the eight sets of questions, headed "Reproductive Rights," [...]

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Pro-lifers and the Kingston General Hospital board

On Wednesday, June 20, Kingston General Hospital held its annual Board of Governors meeting.  Two Vita-Campaign Life members are now Governors. An unsuccessful attempt was made to amend a motion which ratifies the Actions of the Board of Directors annually, hoping to eliminate the approval of the Therapeutic Abortion Committee.  It ruled "out of order," but under "new business" we moved "that [...]

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Baptists go pro-life

HAMILTON -The fundamental human right to life was strongly affirmed recently by the Baptist Convention of Ontario and Quebec, one of four member bodies of the Canadian Baptist Federation.  At its 96th annual assembly, held in June at McMaster University, delegates of the 46,000-member Convention passed a resolution containing the following declaration. The right to life is the paramount and most fundamental [...]

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