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What’s the point of padlocking the abortuary?  I am sure that a number of my friends, who have been kind enough to express their encouragement and support are asking themselves that question.  So, I thought a few of my ideas might be helpful. Obviously locking the gate of the clinic will not stop abortions.  It might delay one or two.  With the [...]

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Life reports on death

If several recent media items can be used as a barometer, American journalists and television producers have sensed a change in the atmosphere of the abortion debate. A pro-life president is now in his second term, some U.S. Supreme Court judges (who may well be replaced by those favouring a reversal of the 1983 Roe v. Wade decision) are approaching retirement, and [...]

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Sentencing disparity

Stafford, VA. – Paul Brown, chief executive officer of the American Life League, stated he has not backed away from his request – originally made of President Reagan on January 22 – for a review of the sentences assigned in abortuary-related cases.  Brown pointed out that the average sentence in nine abortion-related convictions in the past 12 months has been 15 years, [...]

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Planned Parenthood investigation

Sacramento, Cal. – The state Family Planning Advisory Board voted February 7 to investigate the materials, goals and philosophies of Planned Parenthood to determine if the group should continue to receive state funding.  The board oversees the granting of $35 million of state taxpayer funds to family planning agencies in the state. Board member Helen McCullough recommended the investigation after the mother [...]

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Catching up – International

London – Nurses should notify police, said a British Catholic Bishops’ committee on bio-ethical issues, when they find handicapped newborn babies being sedated or starved to death.  The Bishops referred specifically to babies born with spina bifida who were being refused surgery.  If the hospital authorities refuse to rectify such a state of affairs, then a nurse has no alternative but to [...]

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U.S. Catholics claim freedom of speech the issue

The New York Times of March 2, 1986, carried a full-page advertisement from the “Committee of Concerned Catholics.”  Like the first such ad of October 1984, the new one also claimed to be concerned about lack of freedom within the Catholic Church, the right to dissent, the need for dialogue, and “reprisals” concerned the demand of the Vatican Congregation of Religious that [...]

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Hansard – Private members’ bills – are they useful?

Private Members’ Bills on contentions issues stand very little chance of actually getting as far as a final vote in the House of Commons.  Bills seeking to either tighten abortion laws, or to widen access, are a case in point. A recorded vote on a Private Member’s Bill relating to abortion would be of great value to lobbyists and individuals on either [...]

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Sterilization number one in Canada

The January 8, 1986 edition of the Toronto Star revealed that sterilization has replaced the birth control pill as the number one method of contraception in Canada. In a 1984 study of 5,315 women aged between 18 and 49, most of whom are married, 48 per cent said that they rely on sterilization to prevent pregnancy.  This includes both male and female [...]

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Sex education conference hostile to pro-life

Indications were that Humber College’s fourth annual conference on Sexuality, held at Toronto’s Skyline Hotel last November, lived up to its intent  This time, the organizers strove for less of a clinical focus and put more emphasis on contentious social issues. The topic of sexuality grew out of Humber College’s post-graduate programme on counseling in sexuality.  In the past, the outreach was [...]

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Freedom of speech?

Washington, D.C. – Speaking February 26 at the Capitol Hilton, NOW President Eleanor Smeal finally had the chance to address Catholic University Law School students.  Smeal had been denied space to speak on campus twice in January due to protests from pro-life undergraduates. In her talk, Smeal attacked the Catholic Church for its opposition to abortion and contraception, claiming that, “We are [...]

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No ethics in “Choices”

On February 17, ABC aired a made-for-television movie called “Choices,” which treaded the issue of abortion.  “Choices” is packed full of 80’s values, or lack thereof, and preaches a modern day message of selfishness. George C. Scott plays a wealthy, 62 year-old retired judge who is divorced from his first wife (due to lack of “passion” in the relationship) and is remarried [...]

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The sexual revolution and the churches

In October and November 1985, The Interim published two articles in secular feminism.  The first covered the International leaders; the second Canadian connection.  One feature stood out above all about this ideology – the clear connection between the contraceptive mentality, abortion, homosexuality and the entire “pro-choice” sexual permissiveness, which the leaders themselves believe to be at the very heart of their movement. [...]

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Catholics Active for Life oppose homosexuality

On Thursday, February 20, 1986, Catholics Active for Life, a Toronto based group, sent a press release and a 16-page pamphlet opposing the legalization of the homosexual “Way of Life” to 700 TV and radio stations across Canada.  It also sent its press release (see advertisement in Interim’s March issue), in English or French to MP’s in Ottawa. Earlier, in August, Catholic [...]

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How I protested an offensive TV show

Last January 26th a Toronto Sunday newspaper ran a full-age article within its entertainment section.  It was a glowing commentary of a new situation-comedy made in the U.S. called Brothers.  This show ran every weeknight from January 27th until February 14th 11 p.m. on City-TV. Brothers is a show which promotes the acceptance of homosexuality.  The three brothers, states the article are [...]

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I Sat Where They Sat

The following account appeared first in the Evangelical Baptist of February 1986  Rev. Fred Vaughan is pastor Beulah Baptist Church in Mississauga, Ont. And one of the three clergymen acquitted on the charge of mischief on February 10, 1986. If anyone had told me a month ago that I would sit in a holding cell, one day, and speak to several men [...]

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