MPs to vote on rights for the unborn

Canadian Members of Parliament will soon have the first opportunity since the constitutional debates of 1981 to vote on an item concerning the protection of the unborn child. The motion of Gus Mitges (Grey-Simcoe), which seeks to amend the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to protect the pre-born child has been deemed a votable item” by the Standing Committee on Private Members’ [...]

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What new life form?

Embryo transfer and other dubious “advances” in reproductive technology scarcely seem an appropriate topic for a column in the Christmas issue of The Interim, but I’m having great difficulty forgetting statements made on a recent television programme called Nova. IVF – In vitro Fertilization (procreating a human being in a laboratory) – is now such a routine procedure that, viewers were told, [...]

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A great burden to the genteel

Mr. Michael Malley of Calgary is the kind of anti-abortion crusader who appalls the respectably religious.  “He takes things so far,” they will say.  Now, I’m as much opposed to abortion as anyone, and I respect the man’s sincerity, but really…”  Eyes are then rolled upward; heads are shaken; sighs are heaved. Mr. Malley is, it seems, a trial to those who [...]

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An invitation to legalize euthanasia

Paul Brophy, age 49, of Concord, Mass., died on October 24 – eight days after his wife won a court order allowing her to move him to a hospital where doctors would follow her wishes to withdraw nourishment from her husband. Mr. Brophy had received water and nutrition through a gastronomic tube for the past three and a half years, following unsuccessful [...]

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Spiritual Corner- From a homily written in the second century – The living Church is the body of Christ

My name is constantly blasphemed by unbelievers, says the Lord.  Woe to the man who causes my name to be blasphemed. Why is the Lord’s name blasphemed?  Because we say one thing and do another.  When they hear the words of God on our lips, unbelievers are amazed at their beauty and power, but when they see that those words have no [...]

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The sexual revolution, feminism and the Churches

Part VI: Tom Harpur Dissent, as noted, comes in many forms and disguises.  It is certainly a most popular pastime in the academic world.  The very atmosphere of academia – so it seems – favours debunking and dissent in general. If at one time – let us say, deep in the nineteenth century – it was thought that truth could and would [...]

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Sex and social engineering

Sex and Social Engineering is a comprehensive exposé of the philosophical and scientific theories that have shaped the world’s family planning organizations. It traces the evil effects their programs have had on our society. Valerie Riches’ account is not extremist nor fanatical in any way. Rather, it’s a factual summary of evidence compiled by a renowned English social worker and mother who [...]

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Pro-lifers need political education

I talked to a Progressive Conservative Member of Parliament the other day who found it passing strange, if not downright incredible, that during the 1984 election he was met at doors across his riding with enthusiasm and encouragement for his pro-life stand, yet was turned away with the admonition “we’ve always voted NDP, and will continue to do so.  This was riding [...]

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Daycare: what’s best for children

Toronto daycare centers are expected to receive $2.1 million from city council for next year to ensure adequate salaries for workers and help keep fees down. And the parliamentary task force on daycare is expected to recommend that subsidized group care be made available to every pro-school child in Canada, at a cost of billions of tax dollars.  The recommendation would be [...]

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Natural Family Planning for abortion control

“The primary action to take against abortion is to teach natural methods of family planning.”  Fertility experts John and Evelyn Billings told listeners during their recent Canadian lecture tour. Many people respond to that statement like the Korean doctor who saw a little Irish nursing sister trying to teach NFP in their hospital.  “You’re wasting your time, Sister” he scoffed.  “We learned [...]

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Campaign Life wins complaint against Globe – and gets attacked

The Ontario Press Council has upheld a complaint brought by Campaign Life against the Toronto Globe and Mail.  The Globe responded by devoting more attention to how Campaign Life reported the decision than to the decision itself.  Indeed, the Globe and Mail found Campaign Life’s hotline message on the topic so disturbing that they printed an editorial condemning the pro-life group. Campaign [...]

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A piece of glass, a human tear

About this time of year, every year, I re-read Hans Christian Andersen’s tale, The Snow Queen.  It was a story very dear to my mother and it is now dear to me.  It tells the story of a wicked magician who made a piece of glass which had the magic property of getting into people’s eyes and making all good things look [...]

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Editorial – Give a gift to the unborn

At this time of year, when gift lists surround us and plans are being made to extend warm greetings and hospitality to others, it’s highly appropriate for pro-life people to add the pre-born child to the list.  Our gifts need not involve money, just thoughtfulness and time. All three national pro-life groups – Alliance for Life, Campaign Life and Coalition for the [...]

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Taking abortionists by surprise

Toronto area pro-life supporters have stepped up the frequency of their pickets at the homes of Morgentaler abortuary employees.  Abortionist Nikki Colodny had her residence picketed twice in the past month and most recently, the Executive Administrator of the abortuary, Sharon Levy-Hardaker, has been picketed at home. The two recent pickets of the Colodny house were planned as surprise events and held [...]

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Planned Parenthood wins again

The Planned Parenthood Federation of Canada is the recipient of the third-largest sustaining grant awarded by Health and Welfare Canada for the 1986-87 financial year. Planned Parenthood is to receive $139,200.  Only the Canadian Mental Health Association ($162,300) and the Canadian Public Health Association ($143,700) have been awarded higher grants.  In contrast to the large amount awarded to PPFC, the only other [...]

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