NAC feminists frustrated

“There aren’t enough of us to do what needs to be done…” “We have no money…” “The media isn’t fair to us…” ‘We need to renew the movement…” Long-time workers in the pro-life movement will be forgiven for assuming that these complaints were made at a recent pro-life gathering.  In fact, the above statements were made by delegates to the National Action [...]

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Sexual revolution, feminism and the churches

Part IV Catholics, marital status and homosexuality The struggle for truth is fought on many battlefields, religion and Christianity not excluded. Irreligion has made great advance, especially during the last 25 years under the umbrella of “the permissive society.” Parts one and two of the series reflected upon the effects of moral permissiveness within the United and Anglican Churches in Canada.  Part [...]

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A big NAC attack

Just about the only time I wish The Interim were published daily or weekly is when a point I wanted to make in a column is made by a more frequently-published writer.  It’s a galling position but also satisfying. It’s galling because, of course, everyone wants to believe that his particular point of view is unique (and even brilliant or revolutionary).  It’s [...]

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NAC’s lesbian workshop

When I was asked by a friend to go with her to the National Action Committee conference in Ottawa, I really didn’t know what to expect.  I was a little shocked to find abortion-on-demand and lesbian rights so openly on the programme. One of the workshops was called “To involve all women in the fight for lesbian rights.”  Since I didn’t know [...]

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Porn legislation called obscene

Justice Minister John Crosbie has introduced tough new amendments to the Criminal Code which would outlaw child pornography and protect children from sexual abuse and exploitation.  In addition, the proposed legislation precisely defines pornography, replacing the vague obscenity offences which made it difficult to obtain convictions against pornographers. Immediate reaction to Mr. Crosbie’s proposals was predictable, weighted to the point of view [...]

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More unlearned lessons

In a recent column, I wrote about the “unlearned lessons of history.”  But there are many other unlearned lessons which have not been absorbed by society.  One of them is the shocking damage which modern contraceptives have done – ad are doing – to women, particularly young women. At the 1985 National Life Conference in England, one of the speakers, a distinguished [...]

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Important action for child abuse prevention

Two years after the Badgley Committee investigating sexual offences against children tables its report in the House of Commons, the federal government has announced legislation designed to protect children from sexual assault, exploitation and prostitution.  The legislation, introduced by Justice Minister John Crosbie, adopts many of the Badgley recommendations and, unlike the proposed legislation to curb pornography introduced at the same time, [...]

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Unholy Grail

In some medieval accounts, the Holy Grail was the platter, and in others, the cup used by Christ at the Last Supper.  The term therefore has suggestions of the most profound religious significance.  In the Arthurian legends, only a knight who was pure in heart could attain to a vision of the Grail; sometimes this knight was Parisfal, sometimes Galahad. A journal [...]

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One more vote

Justice O’Connor, joined by Justice Rehnquist, prefaced her dissent with the following words: “This Court’s abortion decisions have already worked a major distortion in the Court’s constitutional jurisprudence…Today’s decision goes further, and makes it painfully clear that no legal rule or doctrine is safe from nullification by this Court when an occasion for its application arises in a case involving state regulation [...]

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Chief Justice Burger’s dissent

I agree with much of Justice White’s and Justice O’Connor’s dissents.  In my concurrence in the companion case of Roe v. Wade in 1973, I noted that “I do not read the Court’s holdings today as having the sweeping consequences attributed to them by the dissenting Justices; the dissenting views discount the reality that the vast majority of physicians observe the standards [...]

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“We must re-examine Roe”

In the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973, the Supreme Court of the United States rendered invalid the duly-passed statutes, relative to abortion, enacted in 43 states, thus opening the way for over 19 million abortions.  Of the nine Supreme Court Judges only two dissented: Mr. Justice J. Rehnquist (the recently-nominated Chief Justice of the Supreme Court), and Mr. Justice J. White.  [...]

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Catholic guild dodges moral issue

Earlier this year, the executive of a professional association of Roman Catholic judges and lawyers in Toronto was asked by one of its members to take a stand against the continuing illegal operation of the Morgentaler Clinic.  After polling its members, the executive decided not to take a position, a decision which has concerned many of its members. The Interim has obtained [...]

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Ontario bishops do not agree

Ontario In May of this year, the Justice Committee of the Ontario Legislature recommended placing “sexual orientation” under the Ontario Human Rights Act.  The proposal is buried in an omnibus bill with a variety of proposed changes to Ontario Legislation in order to bring these laws in harmony with the 1981 Charter of Rights. A copy of the letter from the president [...]

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Nova Scotia and the U.S. Surgeon-General

Nova Scotia It really is a small world!  But a very valuable one! At the invitation of friends, John and Betty Whitaker, I recently visited the city of Washington.  A former aide to two American presidents, John had very thoughtfully arranged guided tours of the White House, the Capitol, and other prominent attractions for his Canadian visitor. In addition, he had asked [...]

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Where are our men of God?

The art of survival is to know when to defend yourself and when not.  Residents of Ontario could be just about to lose the most precious  thing in live – their moral freedom – without even knowing about it. The hidden threat is buried in something called Bill 7, which the Ontario Legislature is trying to rush through before the summer recess, [...]

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