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Editorial – Freedom from pornography

At last!  The Federal Conservatives appear to have exhibited some backbone: they’ve taken steps to burg the pornography industry. Proposed legislation to ban child pornography has been rightly applauded as a measure necessary to stop the abuse and exploitation of children.  However, proposals to define and curtail so-called “adult” pornography has been greeted with derision, and called “obscene,” “censorship” and an “unwelcome” [...]

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Liberals and abortion

Ontario Health Minister Murray Elston declared on June 30 that abortions are too difficult to get in some parts of Ontario.  He has asked Dr. Marion Powell, director of the Bay Centre for Birth control in Toronto, to “investigate” the geographic and financial “barriers” to more abortions.  Powell was hired in mid-June (Toronto Star). Elston’s move is only the latest in a [...]

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Parliamentary Report: Ottawa Call to Action

Debates on the items of Private Members Business are set out in the order of precedence established by draw.  A motion by Gus Mitges, PC, seconded by Gordon Taylor, PC, is now on the Order of Precedence.  The motion – M29 – reads as follows: “That in the opinion of this House, the Constitution Act of 1982, should be amended in Section [...]

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Royal Bank funds illegal abortionist

The Royal Bank of Canada has issued a mortgage loan in excess of $200,000 to abortionist Robert Scott, who recently opened his own illegal abortuary. Officials at the Royal Bank’s Toronto office were reluctant to give any details on the matter, saying that the bank’s dealings with individual customers are confidential. However, one official did say that, according to the bank’s lending [...]

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Always get cash – in advance

The Ontario government has outlawed the practice of extra-billing by physicians operating in Ontario.  The ban, however, is being ignored by the operators of Toronto’s abortuaries. Bill 94, passed by the Ontario Legislature on June 20th, 1986, makes it an offence for a physician to charge more than the rates set out by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan.  Any physician who does [...]

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Riot squad for what?

May 14, 1986, was the seventeenth anniversary of the legalizing of abortion in Canada, and in Montreal, as in most Canadian cities, a pro-life demonstration was held to remind the public of the continuing destruction of innocent human life.  Montreal’s demonstration, organized by Montreal Pro-Life, was at Montreal General Hospital which does more abortions than any other hospital in the province. Montreal, [...]

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PEI – Canada’s first abortion-free zone

For the fifth consecutive year, pro-lifers from all over Prince Edward Island attended the annual meeting of Prince County Hospital in Summerside, a small town 40 miles west of Charlottetown.. For the fifth year they anxiously awaited the outcome of their vote to abolish the hospital’s therapeutic abortion committee. For the fifth year tension filled the air as the chairman rose to [...]

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Catching up – Canada

Ottawa – Prime Minister Brian Mulroney’s cabinet shuffle of June 30, 1986,has ousted Walter McLean, Minister in charge of the Status of Women, from the cabinet.  Women’s affairs now fall under Barbara McDougall, Minister of State for Privatization, a new portfolio. John Crosbie, now moved to Transport, was replaced in the Justice Ministry by Ray Hnatyshyn.  Both McDougall and Hnatyshyn accept the [...]

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Catching up – Update International

Planned Parenthood Guatemale City – The Roman Catholic Archbishop here has strongly criticized U.S. funded population control efforts.  At issue is a sterilization project among Guatemalan Indians by APROFAM, a local affiliate of Planned Parenthood which, in turn, is backed by Planned Parenthood International and the U.S. Agency for International Development (AID). Media battle Tueplo, Miss. – Christian Leaders for Responsible TV [...]

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Sidewalk counseling and fanaticism

Taking a course in ethics can be a terrifying experience for a student since it carries with it the possibility of conversion.  It can be a painful experience, psychologically, to admit that one’s attitudes towards other human beings I philosophically defective and in need of remedial attention.  Thus, a teacher of ethics knows very well the defences, denials, and dodges that students [...]

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British Columbia – Babies who survive

A Vancouver Sun investigation into children who have survived abortions in B.C., has led to Advocates for Human Life demanding that the government take steps to protect these children. “Somewhere in B.C., “wrote Sun reporter Terry Glavin, “there is a normal healthy child, not yet five years old who survived an abortion attempt in Vancouver some years ago.” This child survived a [...]

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Manitoba – NDP: proud of its abortion record

During the recent election campaign, Manitoba’s NDP Premier, Howard Pawley, sent out letters boasting of the work his government has done to raise the provincial abortion rate – 38 per cent in one year. Premier Pawley noted that “a great deal of work was required after four years of neglect and opposition” by the previous Conservative government.  He reported that increased funding [...]

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Unbiased abortion counseling?

For some time now, pro-life supporters have been saying that the counseling provided in so-called “clinics” can only be of a biased and slanted variety.  After all, it is argued, abortuaries are not in business to dissuade women from having abortions. In the past month, I had the opportunity to experience such counseling first hand, specifically, I sat on a telephone conversation [...]

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Struggles continues in Markham

Pro-lifers in the Markham Stouffville area suffered a setback this past month in their bid to gain control of a local hospital board. The building of the Markham-Stouffville Hospital is to be completed some time in 1988.  For the past three years, local pro-lifers have been attempting to gain control of the 27-member hospital board to ensure that no therapeutic abortion committee [...]

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Canadian RC Bishops: To love and serve life

We have spoken on six previous occasions about the demands of respect for life.  The teaching stands unchanged.  We wish to speak once more, and with particular emphasis this time on the enduring love that should animate all efforts to assure that every human life will be respected and protected. Respect for every human life is, without doubt, a crucial test of [...]

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