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MPs listening to REAL Women

Members of the national women’s group REAL Women brought their concerns before Progressive Conservative and Liberal members of Parliament on November 18 at a national lobby held on Parliament Hill. The lobby was attended by over 250 REAL Women supporters from across the country. Members of Parliament were keenly interested in the brief presented by REAL Women, and gave the group encouragement [...]

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Vigil on Harbord Street

Just two days after the Immaculate Conception of Mary, people from all over Ontario gathered for an anniversary vigil in Toronto. On December 10, they came to 85 Harbord Street, two years to the day on which the abortuary opened its door for business. On my way to the 24-hour prayer vigil. The word “morgue,” as in Morgentaler, kept cropping up in [...]

2009-07-24T07:15:42-04:00January 24, 1987|Activism, Pro-Life|
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