Pro-Life Profiles: A continuing series of profiles of pro-life MPs Rob Nicholson – Niagara Falls

Rob Nicholson is serving his first term as a Member of Parliament and at 35 years of age is one of the youngest Members of the House of Commons. A life-long resident of the Niagara Falls area, Nicholson is a former partner in the law firm Coy, Barch in St. Catharines, Ontario. He was educated at Queens University and the University of [...]

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Nurses for Life

About 120 nurses and other supporters attended the First General Meeting of Nurses for Life, Toronto Chapter, this past October. Mary Lynn MacPherson, President of Nurses for Life Ottawa, opened the meeting and had this to say about the changing attitudes towards health care givers: “Nurses, as advocates for their patients, were originally taught that they held very responsible positions and were [...]

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Book Review

Canadian feminists are outraged. A Toronto woman, Betty Steele, has published a book critical of the Women’s Liberation Movement in Canada. In The Feminist Takeover, she dares to suggest that men never deserved the feminist image of them as evil oppressors and male chauvinist pigs. That the housewife-mother  makes an inestimable contribution to our society. That our children yearn for both a [...]

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New research done for advertisers shows some interesting trends in sex roles and family patterns, according to findings presented to the American Demographic Conference held in New York recently. And while this type of research can never be 100 per cent accurate, trends identified by advertising researchers can’t be ignored. These people aren’t looking at their philosophies, wishes or dreams. They’re judging [...]

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Charity status given up

At a time when many Pro-life organizations are struggling to obtain charitable status, the Saskatchewan Pro-Life Association (SPLA) took a most unusual step. It wrote to Revenue Canada to surrender it’s charitable status. For years SPLA restricted itself to educational activities in the belief that if people were better educated on foetal development, the law would change. In the process, we firmly [...]

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Witnessing to Drs. & abortionists

Every fall doctors in Northwestern Ontario attend a three-day Doctor’s Summer School in Thunder Bay, to keep up to date on the latest trends and changes in the medical field. The doctors attend a series of lectures given by specialists who are brought into town for that purpose. Numerous pharmaceutical exhibitors are also present. The Right to Life Association of Thunder Bay [...]

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The message got out

When the Windsor Western Hospital Centre launched an intensive fundraising campaign earlier this year, Campaign Life Coalition’s Windsor organizer, Earl Amyotte, wanted to let the public know where their funds would be used. Amyotte went to the Windsor Star with a proposed advertisement which featured the photograph printed above. “A picture is worth a thousand words,” said Earl, at left in the [...]

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Crusade for Life

The  “Crusade for Life Walk” organized by the Knights of Columbus (Our Lady of Grace Council) in October attracted hundreds of people from The Queensway-Lakeshore area of Etobicoke. Under sunlit skies, the marchers prayed and sand their way, for ten kilometers, visiting five Catholic churches en route. Walk Chairman, Frank Larkin, was obviously pleased by the success of the Walk, a first [...]

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Picketers convicted in sham trial

Justice wept – and well it should. Helen Burnie, David MacDonald, Dan McCash, who are they? They’re heroes – heroes of the pro-life movement. All three were convicted recently in provincial court on trumped-up charges of assault and ordered to stay away from Morgentaler’s Toronto abortuary for 18 months. The conviction is being appealed by Angela Costigan, their lawyer, so they are [...]

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I was a candidate for the FCP

Being the Family Party Coalition candidate for Etobicoke West was not as unpleasant as I thought it might be and it involved a greater variety of activity than I expected. Although I had never intended to run for public office, I had to become a voice for the unborn to oppose the existing political situation. When the election was called, we lacked [...]

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Baby Gabrielle and Baby Paul

Is it ethical to take a living baby – albeit on artificial life support – and remove its heart to save the life of another baby? Is it ethical to keep a baby alive for the sole purpose that its organs can be used for transplants? Will the thousands of Canadian adults, who are kept alive by artificial support, be seen in [...]

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Manslaughter in the womb…trial in Manitoba

A stabbing incident in 1981, antiquated medico-legal definitions, and the overwhelming desire to preserve the fiction that abortion does not kill a human being, have combined to create a curious court case in Manitoba. On New Year’s Day 1981, Sandra Prince stabbed Bernice Daniels in the abdomen; Daniels was 24 weeks pregnant at the time. As a result of the stabbing, an [...]

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Post-abortion syndrome, the psychological after effects of abortion on women, is a subject now becoming more openly recognized. Pro-lifers, of course, have known about it and observed its many manifestations in women seeking help for quite some time. Not surprisingly, though, it’s not been a popular topic for discussion amongst those who present abortion as having equal significance as a tonsillectomy. Logically, [...]

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Catholic Bishops of Canada

One group to adopt this attitude was the growing chorus of theologians who had dissented from Humanae Vitae. Some of them were clever in making false statements look good, such as that Catholics were forthright in the defense of human life – but only in certain areas like abortion – while being ambivalent about other areas such as the destruction of human [...]

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The sexual revolution, feminism & the churches

In the October issue, the concluding part of the Sexual Revolution, feminism and the Churches series began with a more detailed examination of the stand and attitudes of the Canadian Catholic Bishops on abortion. It opened with Cardinal Carter’s claim that, with respect to abortion, the Catholic bishops of Canada have done as much as anyone can reasonably expect. The article proceeded [...]

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