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Unborn babies for transplants Is it ethical?

Time magazine for April 3, 1989, carried an account of a historic fetal-cell transplant which may have saved a boy’s life.  Soon after their first child died of a rare form of immune deficiency, a French couple learned that their second baby, due in August, 1988, was suffering from the same condition.  Without publicity, two doctors in Lyons transplanted cells from two [...]

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World News

Stockholm Stockholm’s Karolinska Hospital has announced it will test abortion pill RU-486 on 30 women for six months to establish whether a single monthly dose could prevent pregnancy. RU-486 is made by Roussel-Uclaf of France. Florida, U.S.A. A strong pro-life advocate, Ileana Ros Lehtinen, defeated a strong pro-abortion candidate, Gerald Richmond, August 29 to gain the Florida seat in the U.S. House [...]

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Vancouver Rally

Approximately 2800 people participated in the Vancouver National Pastors-led rally for the Defense of Life on Saturday, September 30. Over 100 pastors and clergy of different denominations led their congregations down to the Art Gallery steps on Georgia Street.  Most of the pastors were members of the newly-formed “B.C. Clergy Council for the Defense of Life.” Pat Hansard, executive director of Abortion [...]

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Canada – Update

On October 7 the Toronto Star announced the return of Michelle Landsberg as a regular columnist.  “She writes with passion and commitment.  She writes well enough to have won a National Newspaper Award for her columns,” the announcement said. Landsberg is the wife of Stephen Lewis, who only two months ago lent his name to a group called “Prominent men for choice.”  [...]

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The legal maze of divorce

On June 28, 1999 the Supreme Court of Ontario ruled that a father’s freedom of religion was violated when his access to his children was limited because he had become a Jehovah’s Witness.  When he and his wife were divorced in 1984, Paul Hockey of Exeter was permitted to see his twin 5-year-old daughters every second weekend.  In 1988, her former husband [...]

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A visit to LIFE David J. Dooley – The Interim

One of our contributing editors recently paid a visit to England. What follows is his account of what he found there. In the country of Warwickshire, England, about 25 smiles away from Shakespeare’s birthplace, Stratford, is the spa or health resort of Leamington.  My wife and I visited it on May 31, not to taste the waters or swim in them but [...]

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The language of euthanasia

Euthanasia is “an act of respect to an incurable patient…to a dignified last act of medical care.” - Dr. Pieter Admiraal, Euthanasia pioneer, Holland. In the autumn of 1989, the season of new beginnings, the homes and offices of pro-life people are buzzing with plans for the coming year.  We talk of the Daigle case and its enormous implications; of Operation Rescue’s [...]

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PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND – As the new school year opened, Island educators were still smarting from the results of a study delivered some months earlier by Dr. Richard Beazley of Queen’s University.  His report that Island schools do a poor job of teaching their students about sexual matters gave added impetus to the drive to increase such instruction in the schools. Concerned [...]

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It was you who knit me … in my mother’s womb …

“It was you who created my inmost self, Who knit me together in my mother’s womb.  For all these mysteries, I thank you. For the wonder of my being. For the wonder of all your works!” (Psalm 139:13-14) This verse of psalm 139 provides answers to the perplexing questions that all of us ask at one time or another: “What is life?” [...]

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Sex education in the schools: Programming the anti-life mentality

Has sex education achieved its goals?  As expected, the answer is no. A 1986 Planned Parenthood of Ontario report pointed out gleefully that teenage pregnancy rates had gone down between 1976 and 1981.  The decrease, naturally, was attributed editorially to PP’s hard work in promoting sex education and birth-control devices. But what Planned Parenthood did not dwell on was the fact that [...]

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Afterthoughts about jail

On August 23, 1989, 76 courageous pro-life activists were arrested in Toronto during an Operation Rescue.  They were incarcerated in maximum security at the Metro West Detention Centre.  Among them were the following three women who offer their thoughts on their experiences. Barbara Cummer Barbara Cummer, 47, mother of four, says going to jail was a personal and spiritual decision for her, [...]

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Prison from the inside

As I think most readers of The Interim are familiar with the events which led up to the six-week incarceration of myself and six other men, I shall skip those details and describe life in prison.  I have decided to write two articles, one on the negative side of prison life and the other – for the December issue – on the [...]

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The battle

On September 13, the Vancouver Echo carried a column by Paul E. Nielsen, who noted how the little-known facts about AIDS are being passed over.  “How many know,” he wrote, “That it was originally called ‘GRID?’  The correlation between the practice of homosexuality and the occurrence of this syndrome was so strong that it was initially called GRID – Gay Related Immune-deficiency [...]

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Churches & abortion – comparison 1969-1989

Introduction July-August In our July-August issue The Interim covered the June 29 Toronto protest march of 1900 people against the Morgentaler injunction organized by the Ontario Pro-Life Clergy Council and led by Toronto Auxiliary Bishop Pearse Lacey, representing the Ontario R.C. bishops (front page).  We regretfully noted that the latest task force of the Anglican Church of Canada had opted once more [...]

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The In Basket

AT HOME Christians awake! If Canadian Christians do not want to wake one day in the near future to find themselves public enemy number one, then they must be prepared to meet the “new totalitarians” on their own ground of constitutional litigation, writes Harry Antonides in the summer issue of the Work Research Foundation Comment. Man/Boy “love” In a September 21 letter [...]

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