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Moral Authorities reject condoms

Something worse than AIDS In November 1987, Archbishop Fiorenzo Angelini, pro-president of the Pontifical Commission for Health Care Workers, speaking at the first worldwide conference on AIDS, said efforts to stop the spreading disease must be based on “the safeguarding of ethical principles which cannot be renounced.” A policy, he said, that looks only at short-term prevention measures, outside of ethical considerations, [...]

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Edmonton abortuary on hold for now

Renovations to the proposed Edmonton abortuary came to an abrupt halt after only two days when Campaign Life Coalition/Alberta applied April 3 to have the matter brought before the Alberta Court of Appeal. The group filed to appeal the March 28 decision by the city’s Development Appeal Board (DAB), which ruled the board had no jurisdiction to rescind a development permit granted [...]

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Canadian MDs assist with suicide

Canadian doctors are helping their patients to commit suicide, the director of medical ethics and legal affairs of the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) claimed. Dr. Eike-Henner Kluge, who approves of euthanasia, explained the procedure in a recent issue of the Canadian Medical Journal (CMAJ, 1991; Vol. 144 [3]. Prescriptions Kluge described two ways in which doctors are involved in the suicides of [...]

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You were asking

How dangerous are abortions?  L.B., Edmonton A measure of danger of medical procedures can be found the rates for medical malpractice insurance.  The higher the danger, the higher the rates. In his classic book Abortion, Dr. J. Willke says that Florida rates its doctors.  Until January 1, 1984, the doctors were rated Class I up to Class VI.  On the date “a [...]

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Action Needed Now

Schools and education have always been precious to parents.  They entrust their children to teachers in good faith, confident that they will be equipped to become citizens worthy of the name. Catholic schools make an even larger claim than public schools, namely that they help the child also to grow in the knowledge of God as He revealed Himself through Jesus and [...]

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Dehumanizing baby Voth

“Dehumanizing baby Voth” is the perceptive title used by the Western Report for its article on the March 21, 1991, Supreme Court decision not to recognize “as a legal person” the Voth baby who died while still in the birth canal during the process of being born. (See The Interim, April 1991, page 3). The Court’s actual words were: “A foetus is [...]

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MP Bob Wenman flies euthanasia Bill

On March 27, Fraser Valley West MP Robert Wenman introduced a Private Members Bill that called for cessation and refusal of medical treatment for terminally ill patients. Wenman, a Conservative, who considers himself to be pro-life, voted in favour of Bill C-43 in July 1990.  Bill C-43 would have legalized abortion on demand in Canada.  The measure was defeated in a tie [...]

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U.S. Poll: Americans choose life

What do most Americans think about abortion? The answer, contained in a new Gallup Poll described as the largest…and most demographically comprehensive ever taken on the topic,” will surprise many. A majority of Americans, including those who consider themselves ‘pro-choice,’ disapprove of abortion in most of the circumstances in which abortion is allowed under federal law, the polling organization found. The confusion [...]

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