What religion is being taught in Catholic schools?

What religion is being taught in Catholic schools? This has been a puzzle for many Catholic parents, including myself, for a number of years. At a May 27 meeting of the important Metropolitan (Toronto) separate School Board’s Religious Affairs committee, chaired by Father Ed Boehler, the Religious Ed chicken feathers hit fan. Stonewalling It all started in response to what was perceived [...]

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Ontario Separate Schools: A Report Card

Catholic students get a failing grade Editor’s note  The Interim has been examining what is being taught in the schools about sexual-moral-religious values.  In the first five issues of 1991 we raised readers’ awareness about the inroads the condom mentality was making among teachers and administrators.  We were happy to contribute to a renewed resistance to this so-called solution to AIDS which [...]

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“The Book From Hell”

Late in 1990, Richard Snyder, chief executive of Simon & Schuster, read a book for which his firm had paid a large advance of $300,000. It was a novel entitled American Psycho by a writer in his mid-twenties, Bret Easton Ellis. Presumable Snyder had not read it before, but he was warned of the book’s contents by a Time article describing its [...]

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A Baleful Legacy: Kinsey, Sex, and Fraud

The Indoctrination of a People                                    By Judith Reissman and Edward Eichel   Reviewed by W.J. Douglas Ball The premise of this book is that Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey’s 1940’s and ‘50s research into human sexuality was not only deeply flawed, but also purposely, knowingly engineered to yield the results it wanted: a dramatically liberalized attitude to sex consistent with Kinsey’s own [...]

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The death and life of the family

Bryce J. Christensen, Utopia Against the Family: The Problems and Politics of the American Family. San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 1990, 146 pp. Bryce Christensen is editor of The Family in America, and director of the Rockford Institute Centre on the Faily in America. His book is a must for all those interested in the threats which the family faces in contemporary society, [...]

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Partisan outrage over L.A. police brutality

The Greek philosopher Plato’s ancient question, “Who guards the guardians?” was answered dramatically last month by a Los Angeles plumber and amateur video buff. Video seen around the world As most of the world now knows, plumbing contractor George Holiday glanced out the window of his Lake View Terrace apartment at 12:30 a.m. on March 3, and couldn’t believe his eyes.  Fifteen [...]

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Ontarians to pay for abortuaries

The funding was communicated privately by telephone to the four Toronto independent abortuaries on June 13.  It might never have been made public if it weren’t for the fact that Henry Morgentaler and CARAL (Canadian Abortion Rights Action League) decided to honour, with a press conference on June 18, what they thought was “a historic occasion.” Ontario then learned that the NDP [...]

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Update – Religion

Catholicism Calgary – The RC Bishop of Calgary, Most Rev. Paul O’Byrne, decreed in February of this year that from now on in his diocese all the faithful must stand during Mass from the time of the Offertory to that of Communion.  Whether steps will be taken to physically prevent the congregation from kneeling remains to be seen. Kneeling before God is [...]

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You Were Asking

A recent pro-life newsletter from the U.S.A. said that the U.S. Supreme Court had ruled that if Nancy Cruzan had clearly stated that se would have chosen death, then Missouri would have been obliged to starve and dehydrate her to death.  Did the Court say that? W.C., Willowdale, Ontario. No. The issue before the Court was whether it was constitutional for Missouri [...]

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No survival without shared values

There is much talk about the values that bind Canadians together.  The 12 commissioners of the Spicer Committee claimed “to be amazed” by the similarity of values and ideals shared by Canadians. According to Toronto Star editor John Honderich, they include a widespread acceptance of diversity; the need to accommodate minorities and linguistic groups; a commitment to democratic freedoms and non-violence; a [...]

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PC’s hard anti-life stand

Through a series of responses and initiatives in recent months, the Mulroney  government has made it clear that it firmly supports radical feminist organizations and has nothing but  contempt for the average Canadian woman. Collins and feminism   Before its Annual General Meeting in June, the National Action committee on the Status of Women (NAC) submitted a number of questions to Mary [...]

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A winner for life: Coby Vandenberg

21-Year-Old President of CYPLO (Canadian Youth Pro-Life organization) wants the world to know she’s Pro-Life. That’s why she stuck a bumper sticker ‘Rescue Our Future: Save the Unborn’ onto the back of the family pick-up truck – a Dodge.   Chevrolet   But not long ago she and her younger brother, Rob, were driving along the highway near their home in Bracebridge  [...]

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A formula for tragedy: Moral chaos and cultural anarchy -National Disunity

As morality disintegrates, culture becomes ever  more preoccupied with sex, especially ‘kinky’ sex. One natural consequence of this development is an increased hostility to those who stand in the way of such aberrations. In North America today, this hostility manifests itself in progressively cruder attacks on Christianity. The most malicious attack on our traditional cultural and moral standards perhaps comes from militant [...]

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Vatican rejects abortion laws

Vatican City – On June 21, Pope John Paul II released a letter to all the bishops of the world (over 4,000), asking them to toughen their stand against abortion. He told the bishops not to allow legislators to enact laws which permit the crime of abortion and to stand firm until existing laws permitting abortions are withdrawn. Said the Pope: When [...]

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