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FCB to enter B.C. election

The Family Coalition Party of British Columbia, under the leadership of Kathleen Toth, was granted registration as a political party on June 17. The new provincial party, founded on the same principles as its Ontario counterpart, was formed to provide a place for pro-life voters to register their support for traditional family values – values which recognize parents as the prime educators [...]

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Response by E. Vanwoudenberg

July 18, 1991 Dear Rev. Campbell, Thank you for your response to my letter of May 29, 1991.  Let me assure you from the start that in spite of our differences, my personal respect for you is not affected and it remains my deep desire that all channels of communication between us remain open. Your latest letter confirms, what I have implied [...]

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June 13, 1991 To Mr. Ed Vanwoudenberg Dear Ed: Warmest Christian greetings. I’ve just received your letter of May 29th, in response to mine of May 16. Seventeen years ago I vowed to God to exercise my influence as a Canadian citizen to affirm that Jesus Christ is the Lord.  By the grace of God I have, with good conscience, kept that [...]

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Response by CHP Leader Ed Vanwoudenberg to Rev. Ken Campbell’s letter of May 16, 1991.

May 29, 1991 Dear Mr. Campbell, I carefully read your letter of endorsement and commitment to the Reform Party and its leader Preston Manning.  Since you call yourself “A non-partisan voice for Christ and His Church in Canadian public life,” I assumed that in light of this profound statement you had pondered your decision to join the Reform Party carefully and prayerfully.  [...]

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Renaissance or Death Knell The Reform Party – Two conflicting opinions

Campaign Life Coalition has never endorsed a federal political party.  As a national pro-life organization it has steadfastly worked towards enshrining in law, the right to life of every human being, from conception onwards.  This has involved educating Canadians politically and campaigning for the election of a pro-life Parliament. CLC has, from its very beginning, carefully and conscientiously researched every political candidate [...]

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L’chaim – To Life

The proposed Ontario Substitute Decision Act is said to promote death with dignity (Living Wills legislation tabled by NDP – May 28).  That cleverly conceived vocabulary for passive euthanasia is a mischievous use of language.  Human life is not a conditional value.  Being alive is a good in and of itself – no conditions attached.  While there are unfortunate situations of illness [...]

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Euthanasia Legislation Introduced in Parliament

NDP MP Chris Axworthy (Saskatoon-Clark’s Crossing) has introduced a Private Member’s Bill to “legalize the administration of euthanasia under certain conditions to persons who request it and are suffering from an irremediable condition.”  Bill C-261, which received First Reading in the House of Commons on June 19, would amend the Criminal Code to make it lawful for a qualified medical practitioner who [...]

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Very definitely the worst of times

In his classic novel, A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens wrote, “It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.”  For those needing health care, there is no ambiguity.  These are critical times. Confronted with Ontario’s exploding health care crisis, NDP Premier Bob Rae’s smug response was that in a recession, “We can all be expected to tighten [...]

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Federal Tory Convention solidly anti-life

The position of the Progressive Conservative Party on human life was made abundantly clear at its national convention in Toronto from August 6 to 10. While nothing was spared I party or media hype concerning the economy, national unity and the distinct nature of Quebec, the preborn child and those facing terminal illness were very quickly expelled to the realms of the [...]

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Rescue showdown in Wichita, Kansas

Through most of July and August, hundreds of ordinary men and women risked arrest to shut down the infamous Women’s Health Care Center in Wichita, a city located in the south-central part of Kansas. As of August 15, what the national office of Operation Rescue originally planned to be a week-long series of pro-life rescues had stretched to a month and showed [...]

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Pro-life groups urged to stop being ‘armchair generals’

Earl Amyotte, past President of Windsor (Ontario) Right to Life, urged “armchair generals” to take a more role in the fight against abortion at the ‘Life, It’s Irreplaceable’ National Pro-Life Convention, held July 4-6 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He joined a host of other leaders of the pro-life movement, who came from every province in Canada to attend the conference jointly sponsored by [...]

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The business of saving babies

When Judie Brown, President of the American Life League Inc., was invited on TV’s Phil Donahue Show a few years ago (with Faye Wattleton, President of Planned Parenthood), he introduced her by saying, “This woman, Judie Brown, believes you should be chaste outside of marriage.  Can you believe it?  Is this possible?  But wait a minute.  With all that venereal disease out [...]

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The poisoned well

This is the second of a series of articles on Catholic Family Life education by Father John McGoey, a specialist in the field. Article one appeared in Insight, supplement to our August, 1991, issue, and discussed the background to current problems n Ontario’s Family Life education, especially the disastrous sex-education courses at St. Jerome’s College in Kitchener.  For 20 – 25 years [...]

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‘Sameness with the brutes’

Recently I spent a week ‘sitting in’ for a pastor friend and had time to do some extra reading.  In the library I came across a pamphlet entitled Birth Control and Christian Discipleship by John F. Kippley of the Couple to Couple League for Natural Family Planning in Cincinnati.  It is really a history of contraception through the centuries, and I gleaned [...]

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Hopkins in Ireland – News from The Interim’s man in Ireland

A Belfast born doctor, in general practice in County Armagh is conducting a campaign in Northern Ireland (NI) to have the British Ministry of Health revoke its recent approval of the French-produced abortifacients, RU-486. Doctor Mary Allen says her campaign has the support of leading members of the NI medical profession. According to the Ministry of Health, the drug is to be [...]

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