The Human Body Shop

Andrew Kimbrell (New York, Harper Collins, 1993, pp 305, $29.50) Selling ourselves piece by piece In The Human Body Shop, Andrew Kimbrell has taken on the kind of challenge that would send most writers running for an ice pack and a darkened room.  Not only has he set out to explain advances in medical and biological technologies to the non-scientist, but he [...]

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Joan Dower Kosmachuk (Winnipeg, Windflower Communications, 1992, pp85, $6.95) Pre-teen novel is no fairy tale As a pro-life parent, it is always difficult to know just when and how to introduce the topic of abortion to one’s own children.  Ever though, as adult activists, we grapple with the issue on a regular basis, the innocence of children also needs to be respected.  [...]

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Rose & Thorn

ROSE: Therese Weiler. For her courage and endurance during her Walk for Life across Canada.  The Ontario woman began her journey April 21, 1992 and finished in August of this year.  Along the way she spread the pro-life message to anyone who would listen.  Her journey was made possible through the generous help of Business for Life, which supplied a mobile home [...]

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Reaching schools with pro-life message

Many pro-lifers have wondered how we can get our message into the schools.  We reason that if we can impress upon the very young the importance and sanctity of each and every human life, then in ten years we would have educated an entire generation – a generation of pro-life young adults. Maureen Anderson, a very active mother from Alberta, has taken [...]

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There’s no stopping the kid

Don’t tell Greg Kazmierski he is handicapped.  He’ll just say, “No dice.  I’m not.”  Greg is a regular 18-year-old guy who just happens to have one extra chromosome.  He also just happens to be the first teen with Downs Syndrome to be integrated into the Carleton school system and graduate from high school. The key word in describing Greg’s participation at Lester [...]

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“Canada is a Dictatorship”

Speaking in Toronto, American Life League president Judie Brown was guaranteed the undivided attention of her audience of over 200 when she boldly stated “Canada is a Dictatorship.” Her riveting accusation was in response to the Ontario government’s decision to pay for all abortions, including those in private abortuaries such as Henry Morgentaler’s. Continuing, Mrs. Brown acknowledged that the U.S. government had, [...]

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An ordinary person who did something extraordinary for God

Louise Summerhill, founder of Birthright, died in St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto, on August 11.  Mrs. Summerhill was seventy-five years of age.  Born in Aberdeen, Scotland, she came to Canada at the age of seven. In 1968, recognizing the urgent need to provide a practical alternative to abortion, she started working in a one-room office in East York. From that one room Birthright [...]

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Morality and the Law

The basic theme of Father Alphonse de Valk’s presentation at the Winnipeg Conference was that we cannot compromise killing innocent human beings in our attempt to provide acceptable legal protection for the unborn. In his powerfully eloquent address, cogently supported by numerous historical details, Fr. De Valk illustrated carefully that logic necessarily dictates society can’t accept killing of some in an imaginary [...]

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“Post-Sexual Syndrome”

Gary Hellard, a pastor from Saskatchewan, addressed approximately 150 delegates on the topic of “Post Sexual Syndrome.”  After working with and observing young people for several years, he noticed that young people of both sexes who were sexually active exhibited several negative behavioural characteristics.  Most notable were depression, anger and obsession with sex. He further noted that teenaged couples who were sexually [...]

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Planned Parenthood promoting abortion

Douglas Scott, Vice President for public policy of the Christian Action Council, based in the Washington, D.C. area, gave an informative lecture on the history of Planned Parenthood from its inception to the present day. Mr. Scott began with a detailed biography of the organization’s infamous founder, Margaret Sanger.  Sanger, a leading eugenicist in her day, wanted a pure society, achieved through [...]

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Action from Words

Prominent U.S. pro-life activist John Cavanagh O’Keefe often expressed the opinion that no conference was complete unless the speeches and workshops were followed by action. Taking this to heart, almost eighty conference delegates carrying signs participated in an early morning picket of Women’s Hospital, where over 2,000 preborn babies are killed each year. While security guards and hospital staff were surprised by [...]

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A pro-life feast

If variety is indeed the spice of life, the 1991 annual conference, sponsored by Campaign Life Coalition and Alliance for Life, was a feast. Hosted by Winnipeg League for Life, the conference which carried the theme :Life is Irreplaceable,” offered workshops on almost every facet of pro-life education and activism and involved an impressive slate of speakers from home and abroad. During [...]

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The Final Exit –Coming to a Bookstore near you

Derek Humphry, founder of the Hemlock Society, has written yet another book on death. It is called The Final Exit, and is one more formula for “self deliverance” – suicide being too blunt a word to use too freely. Humphry’s preoccupation with death, equaled only by his preoccupation with the Catholic Church, is well known.  His first book Jean’s Way is an [...]

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Saskatchewan Government to consider referendum on abortion funding

Legislation, passed in the spring, has paved the way for the Devine government to consider asking the Saskatchewan voters whether or not taxpayers should pay for abortions. Premier Grant Devine made the announcement following a recent meeting with representatives of Campaign Life Coalition, Saskatchewan Pro-Life Association and the Catholic Women’s League. While pro-life activists in the province consider the cessation of funding [...]

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Henry’s in Halifax

On July 5, 1991, the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia ruled in favour of Henry Morgentaler, allowing his Halifax abortuary to continue its destruction.  In a four-to-one ruling, the decision stated that “the Medical Services Act targeted the abortionist specifically and therefore infringed upon the federal government’s jurisdiction.” But Justice Malachi Jones disagreed.  He said, “In the absence of federal legislation the [...]

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