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The Illusion of Democracy

Opinion For Canadians, the reality of living side by side with the United States, “mouse to bear” to paraphrase Pierre Trudeau, has produced feelings of impotence and inferiority. To compensate, an illusion of moral superiority has evolved in Canada. Thus many Canadians, while acknowledging overall American dominance, silently feel morally superior. In reality, the current debate over abortion policy in the United [...]

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The ‘dirty business’ of Bill C-33

Within hours of the passage of Bill C-33—the act to include sexual orientation as prohibited grounds for discrimination in the Canadian Human Rights Act—gay New Democrat MP Svend Robinson was predicting big things in the homosexual community. Robinson said Reform Party members were “absolutely correct” in arguing the act will lead to legal marriages, families, and spousal benefits for homosexuals. But while [...]

2010-08-04T12:07:26-04:00May 4, 1996|Marriage and Family|

Chilling new twist to NY court decision: New York Attorney General: Decision gives doctors “licence to kill”

The April 2 decision of a federal appeals court in New York brings a chilling new twist to the assisted suicide debate. In a unanimous decision, the three-judge panel of the 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled doctors can legally help terminally ill patients end their lives. “What interest can the state possibly have in requiring the prolongation of a life [...]

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Breaking the back of the law

The Interim Patricia Cashman, Erika Garcellano, Esther Cohan, Sherry Miller, Jarjorie Wantz, Margaret Garrish, Thomas Hyde, Huge Gal—the names of desperate people who chose suicide as the answer to a prospect of suffering and hopelessness. Forgotten but for their families and friends, these are just a sampling of an increasing list of people who turned to suicide doctor Jack Kevorkian to put [...]

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Slow Canadian economy hinders implementations of Beijing platform

Don’t be tempted to believe that the radical feminists who dream up the Beijing document have retired to their New Age bookstores to sip herbal teal and discuss the “goddess within.” Instead, they are active—planning workshops and lobbying politicians. Pro-family forces hope that a stalled economy drives them back to the bookstores. Seven months have passed since the Forth World Conference on [...]

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Latest Poll Confirms: “We don’t want to pay”

An Environics Research poll prepared for Campaign Life Coalition reveals the majority of tax payers are opposed to seeing abortion covered under the Ontario Hospital Insurance Plan (OHIP). The poll, completed in November, asked Ontarians their opinions on the following question: “Keeping in mind that the funds must come from taxpayers, do you think the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) should pay [...]

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Kevorkian claims first Canadian victim

Interim Staff Austin Bastable, 53, of Windsor, crossed the border into Detroit in May to take advantage of Kevorkian’s assisted-suicide service. Bastable, who suffers from multiple sclerosis for the last 26 years and who attempted suicide in 1994, used Kevorkian’s carbon monoxide cylinder to end his life The death occurred in the afternoon of May 6 at the Detroit home of Janet [...]

2010-08-04T09:49:25-04:00May 4, 1996|Assisted Suicide|

Hamilton couple battles adoption nightmare: “All we want to do is give a little girl a chance for a better life in Canada,” say frustrated parents

A Hamilton couple has run headlong into a bureaucratic roadblock in its attempt to adopt a two year old girl from the former Yugoslavia. Karen Ann Moore and her husband Rudy Guerra have waged an 18-month battle against Canadian immigration official to bring two-year-old Ishara Carys Jelena Guerra to Canada. Karen Ann, a medical researcher at McMaster University, and Rudy, a computer [...]

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