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Windsor is Canada’s baby boom town

"Windsor is in the midst of an unprecedented baby boom, with a 14 per cent increase in births, bucking a national trend which saw [over] 5,000 fewer babies born in Canada this year." So read the opening paragraph of a front-page Windsor Star article on December 6, 2000, which proudly proclaimed the city of Windsor, Ontario as Canada's newest "(baby) boom town." While [...]

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U.S. Digest: A compendium of life- and family related news from south of the border

Policeman must guard abortuaries In a case reminiscent of that of former Toronto police officer David Packer, a U.S. federal court has thrown out the appeal of a Chicago police officer who said that being forced to protect abortuaries violated his religious beliefs. The court ruled that the Chicago Police Department made "a reasonable accommodation" by offering the officer a transfer to [...]

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A must-read for board members

Serving as a Board Member? Protecting Yourself from Legal Liability While Serving Charities. By Dick L. Kranendonk Ed.D. Available from the author for $18.95 at (905)388-6881. Dick L. Kranendonk has written a volunteer board member's handbook which is readable and practical and which expertly addresses the principal concerns for governance. Serving as a Board Member? focuses on seven key areas which include the [...]

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International news

Conference on Abortion in Ireland DUBLIN - A conference on abortion has heard that negative images of adoption must be changed to stem the flow of Irish women travelling out of the country for abortions. The 5,000 Too Many conference - whose title refers to the number of women going abroad each year for abortions - was told that adoption has fallen [...]

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The ‘Third Way’

UN Watch The "Third Way," loosely characterized as an avenue between capitalism and socialism, is a form of political phrasing which escapes clearly defined parameters, and, as with all such models, it retains a dynamic potential for expansion and continuously evolving meaning. Hard experience has taught us that an all-embracing phrase of this nature will inevitably have pressing implications for families and [...]

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Lutherans celebrate 15-year pro-life anniversary

Lutherans for Life celebrated their 15th anniversary on Oct. 3, with the theme, "Hope in the Light of Life." About 100 pro-life Christians from various denominations attended the celebration and all- day seminar, hosted by Zion Lutheran Church in Pembroke, Ont. Rev. Scharf, a local Lutheran minister, started the session with an invocation from Deuteronomy 30:19: "This day I call heaven and [...]

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Coren TV show debuts

Toronto radio talk show host Michael Coren has made the jump to television. It wasn't that difficult, because the format is largely the same - discussing current events with guests and taking listeners' telephone calls. For those who enjoy his radio show, don't worry, he'll continue doing that on a nightly basis, too. Michael Coren Live, which premiered during the first week [...]

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Gates dictates

Microsoft has become by far the most dominant computer company on the planet. Three MS shareholders are multi-billionaires, with Bill Gates at the top as the world's wealthiest individual. Hundreds of others are millionaires. Market value of MS shares exceeds that of the big three U.S. auto companies combined. One might think that MS has become so enriched mostly because it has [...]

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‘The man at the top’

Kofi Annan is the consummate UN ideologue "Let there be no doubt: there are some very basic standards of human behaviour, violations of which are simply unacceptable. Fundamental human rights are a product of human nature - indeed human life - itself." (Kofi Annan, New York City, Oct.14, l997) The UN's depopulation activities belie this fine rhetoric. Pro-life people may get more [...]

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The Bible and contraception

Part II: Christians called to courage and sacrifice This is the second part of a two-part article making a case against the legitimacy of birth control. Today, the argument is made almost exclusively by Catholics, but the reason I was asked to write this article is because I am a Protestant "evangelical" advocate of this position. As an evangelical, speaking to a [...]

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‘Children only die when they are forgotten’

Through prayer and mutual support, families are finding hope after miscarriage and infant loss My baby was already yours, God. Why couldn't he be mine for just a little while longer? I don't have any ugly, hand-painted ties, or a pencil holder made of a tin can. There are no pictures on my desk of grinning, snaggle-toothed children, and I have nothing [...]

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United Alternative meeting nears

For three days in mid-February, people from all over the country will meet in Ottawa to hear speakers and to discuss and vote on political principles at the United Alternative Assembly. Some pro-lifers see the convention as a new opportunity to significantly influence what may be a major emerging force on the Canadian political scene. The United Alternative Assembly runs this coming [...]

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Alberta VLT vote raises concern

Voters in many municipalities in Alberta had their chance to decide whether or not they wanted video lottery terminals, and in the province's two largest cities, Edmonton and Calgary, they decided yes, they do. In fact, VLTs, labelled the crack cocaine of gambling by critics, were kept by all but six of the 31 communities that voted on the issue. The communities [...]

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Pro-abortion leaders demonize CLC

At an Oct. 28 protest demonstration organized by the Ontario Coalition for Abortion Clinics, Campaign Life Coalition was denounced as one of "the intellectual authors" of recent acts of violence against abortion providers. Representatives of the Canadian Abortion Rights Action League, AIDS Action Now, the Ontario Federation of Labour, and the International Socialists joined OCAC at the noisy protest outside Campaign Life [...]

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‘No evidence’ of ethics breach at RC hospital

After a confidential in-house review, St. Joseph's Hospital in London, Ont. has concluded there is "no evidence of any breach of the pro-life values of St. Joseph's Health Centre." Kathy Burrill, the Roman Catholic hospital's public affairs manager, told The Interim there is "no tangible evidence or reason" to believe the anonymous abortionist featured recently in Chatelaine magazine could actually be St. Joe's staff [...]

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